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Mentorship & Luxottica: Nakia Dockery

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Mentorship is one of the key ways that we give back to the community at Luxottica. For most of our participants, the experience is a two-way street and our supportive mentors gain just as much from each dynamic mentee as they are able to share!

Read on to learn about Quality Assurance Specialist for EyeMed Nakia Dockery’s experience as a mentor in the Luxottica Mentorship Program.

I have always had a passion for working with children and becoming a mentor has enabled me to tap into that passion on a one on one basis. I believe that having a mentor is very important for development. It allows you to have an outside perspective on decisions that you are considering to help you stay focused to make sure you are achieving your dream.

Receiving check in’s from my mentee is the most rewarding experience. When she sends me pictures and messages of important times in her life, that says to me that what I do for her matters enough that she wants to share with me and keep me a part of her life.

The most important advice I make sure to impart to my mentees is to find what makes you happy and find a way to pursue it daily. Being a mentor has helped me to grow as a parent because I can take lessons I’ve learned from my mentee and apply it in parenting situations. Various programs like the mentorship program are important to the culture as it reaches out to help the world. The impact that we have on the mentees that participate will hopefully help them see their own potential to make a difference in this world as they embark on their future endeavors.

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