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“Make your Mark” is an opportunity to highlight the diverse ways in which Luxotticans drive success both at work and in their personal lives! Read how Assistant General Counsel/Franchise Andra Terrell is making her mark on the company and within her department.

Assistant General Counsel/Franchise Andra Terrell, has been supporting Pearle Vision brand and Oakley International for 10 years. As a specialist in licensed operator businesses,  Andra counsels clients in areas like establishing franchises, how to run the business and resolving disputes.


Andra started out with the goal of being a heavy-weight in the legal field, but she is also passionate about creating change. In order to make a difference, Andra was advised to invest some of her legal expertise into writing – advice she took to heart. Now, she’s making her mark with other young lawyers.

An active member of the American Bar Association (ABA), Andra was selected to co-author a paper “Innovative Strategies for Distressed Franchisee Workouts.” Andra said, “It is an honor to be asked to do this. The paper will be used to train other lawyers. I have a passion for working with young lawyers and influencing change around diversity and inclusion.” Andra serves on the ABA Diversity Caucus Steering Committee to help organize diversity events for the Forum, including this year’s lunch, hosting Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim.

This isn’t the first time Andra will be published. She has authored several materials over the years on franchise operations, financing, vicarious liability and dispute resolution. She is currently co-authoring a book about franchise exemptions coming out next year.
“Andra, a relentless supporter of our brand and of our licensed operator (franchisee) community, monitors regulatory and legislative changes, counseling the brand and our operators on potential impact.” said Greg Hare, VP Pearle Vision Store Operations. “She thinks through issues not only from a lawyer’s point of view but also from an operator’s perspective to drive actionable, meaningful results.”

Andra also has a reputation in the company as the “crazy, fun lawyer.” Planning events and helping lawyers relax is part of what she does. “Do the work and have fun while you’re doing it.” Andra said, “It’s important to get to know people you work with and create inclusion at the workplace.”

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