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Luxottica x 2nd Annual Cincinnati Immersion Program

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Last week, Luxottica’s Campus Recruiting team hosted a morning workshop session for the second annual Cincinnati Immersion Program in conjunction with Miami University. Luxottica Recruiting Specialist Sam Paluga shares details of the experience below! 


Although the program is also focused on learning and thinking, the true goal is to provide students with personal, casual and lively engagements with Miami University alumni and Luxottica professionals, to truly make the immersion experience after college enjoyable.

During the workshop, students were engaged in the history of Luxottica, as well as, the new LensCrafters/Macy’s business model. They were asked to consider the Millennial customer while addressing three focus questions:

1. How would you build a “shop within a shop” at Macy’s?

2. How do you ensure that the iconic elements of the LensCrafters experience aren’t lost       in the LensCrafters/Macy’s experience?

3. How do ensure that the Macy’s customer sees a seamless connection between the             Macy’s  Brand and the LensCrafters brand?

After presentations and a building tour, the 25 students broke out into five smaller groups, each partnered with a Miami U alum, and drafted a small presentation to present at the end of the hour. The students came up with many innovative millennial insights and questions for the LensCrafters/Macy’s team.

In between all the workshops and visits with top Cincinnati companies, the students were also working on a Shark Tank presentation to give on the Thursday before the program ended. They worked with a Cincinnati startup company, where they were broken into groups by their personality (Dreamer, Achiever, Traditionalist, Experiencer, and Relational). The task was to determine what new product line Tempur-Pedic could offer and how they would market the product based on their groups’ personality. Company representatives, who participated in the workshops during the week, were asked to be a “shark” to judge and test the students once they had presented.

The week allowed Luxottica to build a stronger relationship with Miami University, and see the level of critical thinking, researching, and presenting that their students were able to provide.

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