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Mentorship: Ariel’s Story

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Mentorship is an important part of the collaborative culture at Luxottica!

Ariel Acuna, Sr Manager HRBP – Sunglass Hut shares his experience with the Luxottica mentorship program.

Having 4 boys of my own, it has always been important for me to be a coach and have a positive influence on the development of kids. When I heard that Luxottica offered a mentorship program and that I would be able to stay with the same mentee for their whole high school career, I quickly jumped on board!

I believe that finding a mentor is very important to personal and professional development. It is important for everyone to have guidance, coaching and development from people other than a teacher, parent or boss. Mentors don’t have an ‘agenda’, they are truly there for their mentee. They can coach and guide them without any kind of bias; they just look through the lens of making the mentee better.

The most improtant advice I give to my mentees is to never quit, always give it your all and be a constant learner to make yourself better. When I met Michael (Ariel’s mentee), he was about 280 lbs, and just started playing freshman football. He wanted to change his lifestyle, so over the next couple years he became vegetarian, lost almost 70 lbs and is active in both football and wrestling. I see his determination to be better every day. He is an inspiration to me. I really don’t know how much I have given to him but just seeing his transformation, he has taught me a tremendous amount.

The most rewarding part is just having the opportunity to listen to Michael. I have been truly blessed to have him in my life. He is curious, inquisitive and appreciative. I look forward to all the times that we are together, which makes all of those times rewarding.

I came into this mentorship worried about how much I would be able to teach or develop in my mentee. What I got out of it was the opposite. I have learned how to cherish the times talking, and just hanging out. I have grown in how I interact with my kids, being interested in what they do, just like I am interested in what Michael does. He has enriched my life as much as I hope that I have enriched his.

I love that Luxottica believes in helping others to be better. Whether it is helping the world to see or helping our youth in Cincinnati be better people. I am lucky to be part of a company that encourages our associates to give back through mentorship. I look forward to doing this again next year.

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