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Congratulations on Promotions!

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Congratulations, written with blue ink on white paper.

Congratulations! You’ve done great work over the past year, and we’re celebrating your performance – and our commitment to reward and retain strong talent at every level.

Luxottica has promoted these associates based on their strong performance and increased responsibilities with the company. We are pleased to announce promotions for the following associates:

Asset Protection

  • Jerry Brefol, Manager


Corporate Communications

  • Jessica Peck, Sr. Director
  • Julia Robinson, Sr. Graphic Designer



  • Eric Boafo, Sr. Manager
  • Denise Hatten, Sr. Analyst

  •  Bryce Craven, Director
  • Jacob Garner, Sr. Manager
  • Jeffrey Perkes, Manager
  •  Sam Snarr, Sr. Manager


Human Resources

  • Arlene Mason, Manager
  • Cindy Mitzel, Administrator
  • Georgia Thompson-York, Administrator


Information Technology

  • Bob Bubak, Lead Technical Analyst
  • Tiffany Kizer, Lead Business Systems Analyst
  • Peter Levin, Vice President
  • Eric Schauer, Project Manager

Integrated Marketing

  • Ellen Kelly, Sr. Manager

Internal Audit

  • Emma Sturgeon, Sr. Auditor


  • Lyndsey Acheson, Sr. Manager
  • Claire Mello, Sr. Manager
  • Samantha Sakemiller, Sr. Director
  • Sally Thommasen, Manager

Loyalty & Analytics

  • Lindsey Schroeder, Manager

Merchandise BPO

  • Steven Williams, Sr. Analyst


  • Rob Cleaver, Sr. Director
  • Josh Walters, Sr. Buyer

Procurement & Planning ROA

  • Mark Hagen, Sr. Analyst
  • Mary Jo Sand, Sr. Planner

Rx Operations

  • TJ Reisner, Sr. Director

Store Design & Development

  • Mike Bagnola, Manager
  • Nicolette Odenbeck, Specialist
  • Matthew Schultheis, Sr. Manager

Target Optical

  • Christina Rudzinski, Sr. Manager

EyeMed, part of the Luxottica family of companies, is also pleased to announce the following 13 promotions. These promotions are based on the strong performance and increased responsibilities of these EyeMed associates:

EyeMed Assignment Finance

  • Angela Rosenbeck, Manager

EyeMed Claims

  • Steve Fiorino, Sr. Manager
  • Betse Weak, Sr. Analyst


EyeMed Contact Center

  • Nick Kopp, Sr. Manager

EyeMed HR and Learning & Development

  • Evette Levine, Sr. Manager

EyeMed IT

  • Mark Aquillio, Director
  • Phani Yenugu, Sr. Architect


EyeMed Implementation

  • Scott Snyder, Sr. Manager

EyeMed Marketing & Strategy

  • Connie Feick, Manager

EyeMed Membership

  • KathyMarie Kinnet, Sr. Analyst

EyeMed Provider Relations

  • Amanda Murthy, Supervisor

EyeMed Sales & Account Management

  •  Lisa Adams, Sr. Manager
  •  Liz Carozza, Team Lead

EyeMed Sales Operations

  • Adam Thomson, Sr. Analyst

Thank you for all you do!

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