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Target Optical Celebrates 20 Years of Growth

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Twenty years ago on October 4, Target Optical opened its first store in Lawrence, Kansas, but the brand and the little dog named Bullseye isn’t just in Kansas anymore.

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Today, that store is joined by 390 other locations across the US with plans to add 100 more stores every year for the next five years. It’s an aggressive growth strategy, supported by Luxottica, the Target host and Target Optical’s ability to provide the simple, fun and in-style brand experience that Target shoppers demand.
“From the start, Target Optical has been on a mission to create a better optical experience and that’s still true today,” said Alexis McLaughlin, Senior Vice President and General Manager. “We’re so proud of the leaders and innovators who came before us as well as those who continue to strengthen our guest experience today.”

To bring this kind of growth to reality, Target Optical partnered closely with the Target host. Historically, optical stores have been limited to Target’s new store construction, making Target Optical accessible to only 20% of Target shoppers. As Target Optical continued delivering double-digit growth, Target took notice and saw huge potential for expanding their partnership. Currently, Target has 1,789 stores serving nearly 80,000 unique guests per store, per year. By 2021, Target Optical will be accessible to 50% of these shoppers!

From Luxottica’s perspective, tapping into this nearly untapped market helps fill a gap in our retail brand portfolio by attracting more Target shoppers who are typically younger, more affluent and fashion-aware females who loves premium brands at a great value.

With growth like this, keeping store operations simple is just as critical as keeping Target Optical team members happy. Taking cues from the Target host, Target Optical recently standardized its operational processes to deliver a more consistent, branded experience.

“We’re applying the same branded approach Target takes in their stores to our optical stores, our product design and assortment, and how we operate, and it’s paying off,” said Alexis. “The key will be maintaining that consistency by investing in our team members and recruiting top talent that fits our culture and business.”

Target Optical also has plans to partner more closely with Target on unique design collaborations. Last year, the brand introduced the exclusive Andrew Andrew collection. This month, Target Optical stores will launch Plaid by Mossimo, marking the first time that Target and Target Optical have collaborated closely on a key fashion trend.

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