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Life Outside of Work: Rather-B-Lathered

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Luxottica Service Center Operations Manager Cynthia Scogin shared her amazing hand-crafted bath and body products at the Luxottica Farmer’s Market this year.

Under the name Rather-B-Lathered, Cynthia sells bath products such as soap, sugar scrubs, body butters, bath bombs and more!

RbL image 2 My husband and I were visiting the Country Living Fair in Nashville Tennessee last year when I noticed several soap vendors. Let’s just say that I spent WAY too much money on soap during our visit! I was really drawn to the vendors’ stories on how they made them as well as the benefits of using hand-made, natural products as opposed to those with detergents, chemicals, etc.

When we returned home, we decided to do some research of our own on how to do this. I have dry skin in the winter and loved the way the hand crafted soaps helped my skin. It started as a personal endeavor to avoid paying someone else for what we could do ourselves. When we started making the products, our friends began to ask if we could make things for them as well. We realized that it could be a legitimate side business and it was FUN! Now my whole family participates in making the products right in our kitchen. We really enjoy coming up with new and different recipes. Some of them smell so good, people stop by our booth thinking our soap bars are food! We currently sell our product at various craft fairs in Ohio.

You can visit Rather-B-Lathered online at


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