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Mentorship is an important part of Luxottica’s culture. We offer several programs for Luxotticans to connect with other associates internally and externally for life changing mentorship opportunities and experiences that impact the lives of our participants and community.


(pictured above: Sara Robertson, mentee Shaunteya Holmes and Head of HR Jack Roddy)

Sr. Manager HRBP Sara Robertson, talks about her rewarding participation as a mentor in our award-winning partnership with Withrow High School.

I decided to become a mentor for Luxottica as I remembered myself at that age (freshman in high school) and thought how awesome would it have been to have a professional mentor who could help guide me through some pretty pivotal years. Although I did well in school, I definitely wasn’t pushed to my potential and so having a mentor to help motivate me may have made me even more successful. I hoped that I would be able to make a difference in someone else’s high school experience through the Luxottica mentorship program.

Although I found everything about the program extremely rewarding, the most memorable moment for me was handing over the scholarship checks to my two mentees. Even though they had already been awarded scholarships through the young scholars program, their hard work and dedication over the past 4 years was being recognized by Luxottica. I was so proud of them and told them that they should always remember how that moment felt as it should remind them of how great they truly are.

The most important advice I gave to my mentees was to be yourself. College may be tough as you are away from your family for the first time, in a new city, with new friends, and so it’s easy to forget who you are. And although it’s okay to use this as an opportunity to re-invent, you still need to be true to who you are. Everyone appreciates when you are authentic and you will be so happy when you look back and know that you were. I tell my mentees why they are awesome all of the time and so I hope that they remember what makes them so special.

This program, and my mentees, have reminded me that you should always continue to develop and challenge yourself to be a better version of you. Having a mentor as a resource to help guide you through your personal and professional journey is critical in helping you maximize your potential. Getting involved in this program and seeing my mentees succeed year after year also gave me more confidence. I recommend that you get involved in the Luxottica mentoring program as it is extremely rewarding. Don’t we always say, “if I knew then what I know now….” Well, this is your chance to use what you know now to help positively influence the outcome of a students future!


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