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Luxottica Ray-Band on World Tour

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Ray Band

You’ve seen them at Summit, Imagine and maybe around Mason.

Now, Ray-Band is taking the show on the road to Italy as part of Milan World Expo 2015. Sponsored by Lagunitas Brewery, the City of Chicago (Chicago-Milan Sister Cities Program) and CooperVision, Ray-Band will be playing a total of three gigs this week at these Milan locations: Le Trottoir, Palo Alto Café, and La Triennale.

“Ray-Band is a group of five guys from Chicago, Cincinnati, London and Milan who met at Luxottica and share a passion for the best Rock and Blues cover tunes from the last 50 years,” says Eric Anderson, President and GM of Lenscrafters North America, and the band’s lead vocalist. “Ray-Band has been together for five years and has played all over the U.S. from Orlando, Washington, and Denver to Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and even in South America and Europe.”

Band members include:

Dario Scagliotti – CIO Luxottica Group (bass guitar)
Eric Anderson – President and GM LensCrafters North America (vocals)
Joe Cummings – Director. Target Optical eCommerce (drums)
Kevin Cohen – Supervisor, LensCrafters Store Operations
Ben Walz – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

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