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August Woman of Vision: Mary Sharma

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“When it’s an uncomfortable or an uneasy situation, I make a conscious effort to step out of my comfort zone—that’s when I know I’m learning.”

That’s some of the professional development advice that Mary Sharma, Sr. Analyst, Lens Sourcing, gave during her interview with the Women of Vision Employee Resource Group. Check out the Q&A between Mary and Trinitii Brewer (Corporate Legal), the communications liaison for Women of Vision.

What has your career path looked like?

I started my career as an IT Programmer which gave me the foundation that I still practice in every situation. Evaluating the problem, thinking of ways to fix issues, assessing the risk, thinking of my customers, implementing the solution and providing support is what I enjoy doing. Now I work in Supply Chain and discovered another interesting field of process flow, while integrating the groundwork that I learned as a programmer.

Has there been someone along the way who has helped you in your career?

My husband and parents are very supportive of my career decisions. They are honest with me, which helps me evaluate my choices. My husband understands the demands of work—whether it’s long days, working on weekends to meet deadlines or simply an ear to listen. My previous managers were also very supportive by trusting me to work on projects that pushed me out of my comfort level so I could continue my development.

Have you ever been involved in an Employee Resource Groups in any other company you’ve worked for? If yes or no – why do you think these groups are important?

Luxottica is the first. These groups are important because it provides an opportunity to network and develop leadership skills.

What do you like to do in your spare time? A favorite hobby?

I enjoy riding roller coasters. My favorites are the Banshee and Diamondback. It’s a great way to relieve stress and scream my heart out.

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