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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Luxottica Ray-Band on World Tour

    You’ve seen them at Summit, Imagine and maybe around Mason. Now, Ray-Band is taking the show on the road to Italy as part of Milan World Expo 2015. Sponsored by Lagunitas Brewery, the City of Chicago (Chicago-Milan Sister Cities Program) … Read More

  • Luxottica Mentors

    Mentorship is an important part of Luxottica’s culture. We offer several programs for Luxotticans to connect with other associates internally and externally for life changing mentorship opportunities and experiences that impact the lives of our participants and community. (pictured above: … Read More

  • August Woman of Vision: Mary Sharma

    “When it’s an uncomfortable or an uneasy situation, I make a conscious effort to step out of my comfort zone—that’s when I know I’m learning.” That’s some of the professional development advice that Mary Sharma, Sr. Analyst, Lens Sourcing, gave … Read More

  • Luxottica Leaders Honored as Most Influential Women in Optical

    Three Luxotticans have been recognized by Vision Monday as the Most Influential Women in Optical for their impact on the industry. Influence describes the power to create change in someone or something and our winners demonstrate this quality in their … Read More