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Zero Hero Sara Matthews

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Each month, the Zero Waste Council recognizes an associate as a Zero Hero – someone who leads and follows Zero Waste practices and looks for ways to expand on them.

In June the Zero Waste Council challenged the CSC to show how doing small things can conserve resources and protect the planet. Sara Mathews, Manager, EyeMed Market Collaboration, not only took the Little Bit Challenge, she consumed it.
Rhonda SizemoreSara won the challenge with her “no napkins needed” photo:

Zero Hero winners receive use of the Zero Hero hybrid vehicle, a $100 gift card and use of the Zero Hero parking spot for the month. We caught up with Sara to ask her a few questions about Zero Waste here at Luxottica.

Why do you think it’s important for Luxottica to be a Zero Waste Company?

It shows a different aspect of the company – that Luxottica cares about the environment. In addition to the vacation and benefits that most other companies offer, Luxottica also provides ways for associates to do more for the environment.

Are there other ways you think the CSC could be more Zero Waste-friendly?

I think we already do a lot. Providing the sorting bins, particularly for composting, is great. Encouraging more associates to work from home a day or two a week would help reduce carbon emissions.

What do you like most about being involved in the Zero Waste program?

I like the different initiatives that spark us to think about Zero Waste in different ways. It’s not just about recycling.

How has Zero Waste impacted your behaviors outside of work?

I have to say I was already pretty good. I have switched all my faucets to low-flow and I am gradually changing out my standard lightbulbs to compact fluorescent.

Where’s the first place you took the car for a spin and what are you enjoying most about it?

I get to drive the Capacitor during August and plan to show it off to my friends.  I currently drive an old 2001 Cavalier and my friends won’t believe it when they see me driving the fancy Lux Capacitor!

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