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Intern Blog: Lasting Impressions

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As this summer’s internships come to a close, our undergraduate interns reflect on their favorite moments, biggest lessons learned and life-long memories (and friendships) they’ve made here at Luxottica! #teamluxottica

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What was your favorite part of the internship?

Abby: While there were many parts of my internship that I loved, I would have to say that my favorite has been the people here and their attitude. I highly value the presence of humor in my work environment, which usually goes hand-in-hand with productivity, so it was a blessing to be able to embrace my personality at the office.

Kunaal: I really enjoyed having the opportunity to present my final project.  This allowed me to explain to the whole SGH brand what exactly I was able to work on and how it could contribute to the business. I was treated with respect and people were genuinely interested in my role within eCommerce.

Kate: My internship with Luxottica this summer has more than exceeded my expectations. I have immensely expanded my knowledge base in regards to marketing & CRM and developed many great relationships with my managers and co-workers. My favorite part of my internship was having complete ownership from start to finish on one of my projects.

Maddy: My summer with Luxottica has proven to be both challenging and rewarding. From the start, 38 interns including myself were immersed into the amazing culture that Lux provides. We were challenged to be pioneers of change, to inspire our customers, to engage the hearts and minds of others, and to do this all in a simplistic, straightforward and uncomplicated way.

What is your favorite memory? What will you miss the most?

Abby: My all-time favorite memory would have to be the team building with the market collaboration team at Dave and Busters. It was great to get to know everyone outside of the office, and when it came to the arcade games they were pretty darn competitive too. We had such a blast and I’m pretty sure my team (our team name was ‘the winners’), even came in last place.

Kunaal: My favorite memory is the ERG Piazza Party.  Everyone had so much energy and excitement over their Resource Group, and it was transformed into a celebration of diversity.  I saw a lot of other interns there and we were able to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather and great food.

Kate: My favorite memory from this summer is the Italian 101 class. We had a very energetic teacher who kept us engaged and laughing the entire time. And the gelato at the end of the session was a nice treat too! When I go back to school this fall, I will miss the relationships I formed with my manager and team the most. They were a main contributor to why my experience at Luxottica was so great.

Maddy: My favorite part about my summer internship was getting the opportunity to present my insights for CRM strategy to the brands, including LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Sears Optical, Target Optical and Pearle Vision. This allowed me to become comfortable with my public speaking skills, and gave me a direct view that my work was being heard by the right people and was valued by Luxottica.

What is your last feedback of the internship program overall?

Abby: Luxottica has a very robust summer internship program compared to the other companies I have interned for in the past. Luxottica’s strengths included: the structure of the summer program, the variety of corporate and intern events, the level of projects interns receive, the dress code, the overall friendliness and comradery of the culture, and the ability to work so closely with such a wide variety of departments.

Kunaal: I have a very positive outlook of the internship.  It was well organized, passionately run, and with opportunity to learn and grow.  The possibility of extending the program to 12-weeks would give students an opportunity to work through more of their summer and dive deeper into their respective roles.

Kate: Overall, I could not have asked for a more rewarding internship! Not only does the internship program provide you with valuable working experience, it also helps you grow professionally through career development training, networking opportunities, and a mentorship program. I wish the internship program was longer because these past 10 weeks flew by and I’m definitely not ready to leave this incredible summer behind yet.

Maddy: I want to thank Luxottica, the associates, and talent acquisition for investing in young people. This program helps accelerate our careers, and gives us a direct understanding of what we can expect coming out of college. The internship provided challenging work, and gave us the tools needed to start our full-time careers. I speak gratefully when I say this experience has been nothing other than rewarding.

Interested in our college internship opportunities? Stay tuned because Luxottica may be on a campus near you soon!

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