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MBA Interns: Why We Chose Luxottica

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We sat down with our MBA interns and asked them some questions about the mentorship program, their internship experiences and why they ultimately chose Luxottica. Check out their answers below.

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Picture (From left to right): Avinash Gupta, Amit Arora, Sruthi Madhavan, Jarbas Pinheiro, Luis Sanroman Gonzalez, Varun Chaudhary

How do you feel about the mentorship program?

I like it – it’s a way to formally get out of our brands and team and expand the people that we know and which people to talk to. It helped me connect in many perspectives, personally and professionally.

I can relate to [my mentor] as someone who’s changed her career path within a company. She’s very proactive. During the first meeting, I told her my career plans and a couple days after she sent me a meeting invite pertaining to my business interests. I was formally introduced to the Marketing Director of Sears. I’ve participated in a mentorship program before and it’s different. She is giving me the freedom to approach her and helping me network and that has a very positive effect on me.

It has been very helpful, because my mentor has first talked to me about my career aspirations and what I seek and has also been given me the opportunity to meet 3-4 new people every week. That’s how I met the CTO and CIO of Luxottica – it has been superb.

What have you learned about the culture, the brand, or Luxottica in general?

When I was trying to come up with different ideas [for my project], I [proposed] to start a pilot store where I can layout the plan to see how long it would take. It’s crazy to bring an idea [to your manager] and have the operation start the next week. This startup concept is something I really like about Luxottica and I did not expect the turnaround to an idea to happen this quickly.

When I compare my current internship to previous experiences, the projects I’ve been given are not just things to be completed to occupy the 10 weeks, they’re actually projects that the company is going to be implementing. It feels a lot more engaging and motivating when you know the work that you do will be valued by the company.

Who’s on your team and how do you work together?

Four people and the VP. Everyone has different projects including me, the Guillaume Boniol but once a week we try to gather and have a briefing of each project to know where we are all standing on our projects.

My team is my manager and I. She is happy because her team has doubled for 10 weeks! The Sears team is very lean and everyone sits closely together but since the group is small, you can talk to everyone from your desk. Something unique about our communication is that people don’t really send e-mails – they just stand up and speak to you! If you send someone an e-mail they will get back to you in person. This informal rule of communication makes people more willing to interact and shows how the team cares.

As an MBA intern, what drew you to choose Luxottica?

The function; I wanted corporate strategy for sure. Out of the companies that offered corporate strategy, my selling point was the Italian-influenced company structure.

It’s the kind of people I met during the interviews and after getting the offer. My manager called me and wasn’t trying to sell the company, which is something I liked, but focused more on what I would be doing there.

The exposure to senior leadership. The more contact we have with senior leadership, the more we learn and the more exposure we get. We also get to understand where the company is going and for our future decisions this is a critical factor.


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