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MBA Interns Contemplate the Future

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MBA Interns Contemplate the Future

We are a few weeks into the internships. Our MBA interns have had a great time developing connections, learning from their teams and associates, progressing further with their projects and considering their future career aspirations.

Let’s check in and see what Avinash, Jarbas and Amit have been up to this week!

Avinash Gupta, EyeMed

When I considered my career aspirations, I thought about how Luxottica would help me achieve my goals and why I choose Luxottica Retail for my summer internship. I come from an entrepreneurial family and we’ve had several retail ventures in the past. I started to develop an interest and deeper understanding for brands.

My mixed experiences in retail pushed my interest towards the industry and now I believe that is where I want to be! It seems to be a challenging industry and will be an opportunity to learn and apply my skill set.  Grabbing this internship was sort of a mini dream job that I had set for myself. Going forward, I’d like to stay within the retail sector and, given the vast experience of Luxottica associates, I am sure this internship will take me in the right direction. This internship has given me exposure to several different brands and how they work similarly but differently, which can be very useful in big retail conglomerates.

Jarbas Pinheiro, Sears Optical

As I think about the career path ahead, what drives me is the human connection with the products and services I help create and deliver. One of the four characteristics that define Luxottica is “passionate” and, for me, my passion and performance are contingent upon the real-life aspects of the business I join towards the community and society. It is rewarding to see my day-to-day work resulting in so many more people being able to see and feel better about themselves.

After two weeks at Sears Optical, I have already seen how associates are care deeply about what they do, from those cleaning people’s glasses in the Cincinnati Pride parade last Saturday instead of only standing at Luxottica’s booth and giving away glasses cleaners for people to take home; to buyers discussing new models and considering how comfortable those frames will be depending on the season – this is a real and positive impact in the life of other human beings!

Amit Arora, EyeMed

At Luxottica, there are several interesting aspects to the internship experience. On one hand, I am given the responsibility to execute an exciting, real-time project and on the other hand, I am meeting diverse people in different divisions. I clearly notice the amount of learning and progress I am making. It is hard to believe that it has only been two weeks. However, what amazes me is the degree to which I CAN learn; this place is full of opportunity.

This week I got a chance to meet with the Chief Technology Officer of the company; Yes the CTO! Having a one-on-one conversation with him and getting an overall perspective of organization was truly valuable. Getting exposed to different divisions of Luxottica and learning about their strategies is what makes me excited about the Internship. I hope I continue to have opportunities to learn from the wealth of knowledge that Luxottica has to offer.

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