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InternStories: What Are the MBA Interns Up to?

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In this week’s InternStories blog Sruthi, Varun and Luis give us an update about what projects they have been working on and some impactful moments from their internships thus far. Let’s find out what they’ve been up to!


Sruthi Madhavan, Pearle Intern

I am working on a project where we are trying to introduce the concept of medical billing in our Pearle Vision stores. A lot of optometrists shy away from this because the process can be complex and unclear. Ultimately, we want to provide a transparent and seamless way through which the OD’s can provide care to patients by improving the patient experience at PearleVision.  It’s quite challenging. I am reaching out to a lot of third party billing services, insurance companies and doctors to understand the key issues in implementing this process.

Typical Day

8 AM to 10 AM:

I analyze the data I had gathered from the previous day’s work and update the strategies and market research data with the latest information.

10 AM to 12 PM:

On an average day, I will have several meetings with industry experts, to gather as much data as possible.

12 PM to 12:30 PM:

I grab lunch for half an hour with my fellow interns, catching up on each other’s projects and experiences.

12:30 PM to 4:30 PM:

I work on my project presentation deck, modifying the slides to reflect to the current status of the project.

4:30 PM to 5:30 PM:

I usually work with my manager to seek feedback on my work so far. I also take some time to plan for the tasks for the next day.

Apart from my project work, I get abundant opportunities to meet with various senior leaders and get their thoughts on career and growth at Luxottica. These sessions have been really valuable and give us access and visibility to upper management to better understand the business as a whole. Four weeks into my internship, I have a good sense of how things would be if I become employed full-time.


Varun Chaudhary, HR Operations Intern

The company is migrating its key HRMS platforms to a new set of vendors. As part of this migration, all the data needs to be collected and stored in a data warehouse primarily for audit and compliance purposes. My project involves identifying the different sources of data, defining the timeline of migrating the data into the warehouse and proposing a suitable BI tool. Apart from this, I am also working to define certain metrics that can be used to better track our workforce management, performance and training needs.

The project has given me a lot of exposure to the technology side of the business and helped me understand the backend operations and functionality of reporting systems. While it has been educational, it has also been quite challenging in firstly, getting information and secondly, making sense of it.

At this point, I can say my biggest lesson has been to move forward and get work done even when there is a degree of ambiguity in terms of information available and project expectation. The company clearly provides me with enough space to explore different ideas and encourages me to come up with innovative solutions.


Luis Sanroman Gonzalez, Strategy Intern

As part of the corporate strategy team at Luxottica, you have the opportunity to work in projects that will have a strong impact in the business at different levels; such as you would in a top consulting firm. This gives you the opportunity to learn from different businesses and roles inside Luxottica and to have a high degree of exposure to senior management.

I see that as a full-time associate it is common to be working on 2-3 projects at the same time. However, even though projects can be very demanding, the work-life balance that I have at Luxottica has been very good; it is a place that allows you to be challenged while allowing you to maintain out-of-work activities.

My greatest lesson so far at Luxottica has been to understand how a company with the size and footprint as Luxottica can remain innovative and cutting-edge in technology. One of my biggest surprises is to get to know the process Luxottica has to handle in its optical business. I learned this during visits to the Columbus’ central lab and an in-store lab which really helped me understand the wide variety of focal needs that can be delivered by glasses, as well as the process of making a lens starting from a blank puck in both scenarios, mass and local production.

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