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InternStories: MBA Interns Talk Translating Coursework to Real Work

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We invest in our educations to ensure that we are capable, confident and prepared to perform in the actual roles within an organization once we have landed our dream jobs!

Avinash and Jarbas reflect on their MBA programs and share their take on how they were able to take their classroom knowledge and apply it to real-world applications in their internships with Luxottica.

Avinash Gupta, EyeMed Strategy MBA Intern

Avinash Gupta, EyeMed Strategy MBA Intern
I currently attend Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University and I graduate from my MBA program in May 2016. Fisher is a great place to learn. I also completed my undergrad there, and so I never doubted the greatness of the institution. The small class size really differentiates our experience compared to other schools and gives us a lot of opportunity to stand out in the class. I found it difficult to sit in a class and imagine myself applying the principles I learned in school; I am always wondering how my studies are going to be applied in a job or real world.

However, this internship has really proved that the things absorbed in the B-school get automatically used in the real world! I think that has been the beauty of this internship. I have used some common principles taught in my strategy, marketing and operations classes and I have also seen some of the more analytical things in action here. This experience makes me more excited for the second year of my MBA, and helps me realize there is a lot more to learn and then apply in my career eventually.

Ohio State is full of great crazy traditions. Everyone there dislikes our rival to the north, for obvious reasons, and that makes for some great times! The “Beat Michigan” week during the football game each year has made for some of my really most fond memories. I would have never imagined that I would jump in a freezing lake to show support for the team when I began as a freshman, but the spirit caught me and I did jump in eventually – making for a great memory!

Jarbas Pinheiro, Sears Optical Strategy MBA Intern

Jarbas Pinheiro, Sears Optical Strategy MBA Intern

I am now a second year MBA Student at the MIT Sloan School of Management and I cannot believe graduation is already in June 2016. Time flies along this amazing 2-year once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So far, my favorite MBA memory has been the Africa Study Tour I helped to organize to explore the drivers boosting Africa’s development and competitiveness. In March 2015, a group of 26 students explored a sample of the huge potential and current challenges of South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

From being stuck in traffic in Dar es Salaam, to visiting a coffee washing station in the border of Rwanda and Burundi, to talking to tech incubators in Kigali, the visit offered us a myriad of real life inspiring stories of people that have come a long way in terms of embracing diversity and owning the change.

MIT Sloan 2015 Africa Study Tour Organizers, in Kigali’s Special Economic Zone, Rwanda, March 2015

MIT Sloan 2015 Africa Study Tour Organizers, in Kigali’s Special Economic Zone,
Rwanda, March 2015

From left to right: Alvaro Costa, Irene Chung, Averil Spencer, Katie Ferrari (MIT Staff), Brigham Wilson, Roberta Pittore (Faculty Advisor), and Jarbas Pinheiro

At Luxottica, I feel the importance of diversity for our business, and most of all, how critical it is to understand the business at the consumer facing level, which is something we actually did when we took a plane down to Africa and connected with people in the field. For a relationship-based company, connecting is essential to foster growth. Applying such a lesson in the corporate world has been rewarding.

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