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InternCorner: How to Have a Successful Internship 101

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Our summer interns give their insight and advice for creating a successful internship experience at Luxottica in this edition of InternCorner.

Top Tips for Future Interns

Meet people from other areas in the business. Your internship will be more fun if you take time to really get to know your team, other interns, and other people in the building.  Use your manager, mentor or others to set up coffee meetings or lunches with new people to talk about their career paths and how Luxottica has helped them develop.

Be curious and ask questions. You’re not expected to know everything coming into your internship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions especially when it comes to projects you may be less involved in or when something is confusing to you. Before starting any task, ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this?’ and ‘Is this the best practice for doing it?’

But take time to digest what you are learning – Listen up when you are in meetings so you don’t ask questions that you would already know the answers to if you were just paying attention the first time.

Ask for more - Managers set aside specific projects for you to do as an intern, but as they don’t know your work speed or efficiency you might get ahead on some projects or finish them early all together.  Ask your manager what else you can do.  It shows initiative.  Plus the best way to get offered a job is to integrate yourself as much as you can into as many projects as you can.

Connect with your coworkers - It doesn’t all have to be about work!  Obviously, everyone wants to work with people they actually like.  Take time to form friendships with your coworkers by talking about each other’s weekends or grabbing a drink after work.

Practice remembering names. Names are really hard sometimes, so meeting a mass amount of people and trying to remember what name went with what face the first week was rough.  Whenever you meet someone new and they say hi and introduce themselves, try to remember to say hi and then repeat their name after.

Go to some Learn-It events if you have time.  Learn-It classes are mini class sessions open to anyone working at the CSC.  It’s an awesome way to meet people that aren’t in your department, and you do actually walk away having learned something.

Eat the gelato!

Luke Discher, EyeMed Sales Intern

Luke Discher, EyeMed Sales Intern

The greatest lesson I have learned is how important team morale is to success.  I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of an exceptional team here on EyeMed SMB Sales.  Every associate has been welcoming and willing to train me on whatever I may need help with. Another lesson I’ve learned is how important networking is. It will allow you to go outside of your immediate network to gain insight on projects/problems you may face, and effectively solve the task.


Jake Haigis, Internal Audit Intern

Jake Haigis, Internal Audit Intern

One of the things that makes Luxottica so exceptional is the way the associates support and develop each other. From my manager, to my mentor, to strangers I pass in the halls, everyone here is providing me with ways to become successful. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to not be afraid to reach out for support. Meeting new people and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you care about your own personal development.


Brittany Johns, Sunglass Hut Planning Intern

Brittany Johns, Sunglass Hut Planning Intern

In my first six weeks at Luxottica, I have enjoyed the opportunity to have a hands-on experience that deepens my knowledge of the world of business. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is not to be afraid to go after what you want and to be confident in one’s own skills and goals.  At first I was very quiet, but once I started opening up to my manager and other coworkers about my passions, they went out of their way to connect me to the right people.


Heather Schroeder, Target Optical Marketing Intern

Heather Schroeder, Target Optical Marketing Intern

Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned at Luxottica are to ask questions, listen and take notes and to stay organized. To stay on top of my projects, I update an A3 document weekly for each of my projects. Each week I document my previous week achievements and what my next steps are to complete my projects by the end of my internship.  This helps my manager gain visibility and will also help me when I start working on my final presentation.

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