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InternCorner: Career Building and Internship

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At Luxottica, we take our internship program seriously.

A great internship experience will help you learn valuable skills that assist in your development as a young professional, provide valuable networking opportunities and enrich each participant with industry knowledge, skills and confidence. We strive to deliver in these areas and beyond! We sat down with Al, Mark, Allyson and Hakeem to ask their opinion on how their internship experience has met or exceeded their expectations in this week’s edition of InternCorner.

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Participants: Pearle Vision Operations Intern Al Guidi, Real Estate Finance & Strategy Intern Mark Cialone, Shared Services RxO Intern Allyson Haines, Sunglass Hut Finance Intern Hakeem McGee

What new skills have you learned during your internship?

Al: During my time here I was able to acquire both technical and tactical skills in the area of Operations. Pearle Vision’s unique structure is reflected in the brand’s strategy, the people and the way business is done. I learned among many other things how the brand develops and put its strategy into execution.

Mark: My time at Luxottica has been enriching and engaging. I have picked up and refined new analytical skills and abilities to manipulate and digest large quantities of data. A lot of what I have done in my time here has been creating new datasets and analyzing these to develop insights that inform some greater project of the team.

Allyson: During the course of my internship, I have learned many valuable skills that I will apply when I go back to school in the fall, to my personal life, and my career moving forward. The most important skill I learned was the value of networking.

Hakeem: Over the summer, I had the great opportunity to improve my technical skills, more specifically with Excel. Not only I have learned new formulas and keyboard shortcuts, but became better at analyzing financial data.

How will those skills help you succeed in the future?

Al: The strategic skills acquired here are a great foundation that will aid me in my pursuit of my goals in life. Adapting what I have learned to plan my key milestones and identify the most efficient and flexible manner in which to reach my destination is a major win.

Mark: Instead of going back to classes next semester I will be moving to San Francisco and interning with a technology company. The skills that I have developed here will certainly help in my future role on the west coast and many roles to come thereafter.

Allyson: [Networking] will help me succeed in the future because I am working on my communication and relationship skills, which are vital in any working environment. Having an idea is great, but being able to articulate it whether through email, professionally face to face, etc. is more important.

Hakeem: While working on my intern project, I had to pull financial data from a database into Excel. The purpose was to organize the information and to try to find a pattern. As a Finance major this is a great skill to learn.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned here?

Al: My time here has allowed me to do some deep analysis on the way one is perceived, judged, treated and valued. I have come to a conclusion that can be summed by these words from Earl Nightingale – “A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.”

Mark: I think the biggest lesson that I have taken away from Luxottica is the importance of building genuine relationships across functional teams. At such an enormous organization it makes you feel a part of the greater body when your connections aren’t confined to one silo.

Allyson: The biggest lesson that I have learned here is that it does not hurt to ask. Whether it may be meeting with someone outside of my department to learn about another part of the business or asking for help on a project, you will never know the answer unless you ask (And most of the time it is a yes ).

Hakeem: Not only have I learned more technical skills, but also the importance of getting to know your co-workers not only professionally but also personally. One of my personal projects was to interview certain members of the Sunglass Hut finance team. I wanted to know their personal background as well as their career track and I learned that every Financial Analyst or Finance Manager stepped into their position from different backgrounds!

Do you know someone or have you considered the benefits of internship in your career? Luxottica has many programs to offer career development and advancement to our associates. Learn more about our opportunities when you visit our career website:

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