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ERG Week at Luxottica!

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It’s ERG week, an opportunity for Luxotticans to learn more about the amazing employee resource groups we have at Luxottica.

Our ERGs are a great way to generate ideas to embrace diversity and foster inclusion. Members of these groups use their creative, cultural and communication skills to add value to our company’s strategic direction. We sat down with the ERG leaders to learn all about ERGs and how they feel their involvement has enriched their experience at Luxottica!


Tom Wible, Manager of Associate Engagement and Customer Intimacy for Sunglass Hut North America, President of LGBTA ERG

Monica Brown, Manager – Planning, President of Women of Vision ERG

Arohi Pant, Sr. Analyst Finance, President of Asian ERG

Hassan Thompson, Logistics Freight Audit and Vendor Management, President of African American ERG

Letizia Chiaruttini, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, President of Hispanic ERG


Why did you join an ERG at Luxottica? Why did you decide to join the leadership team?

Wible: I joined the LGBTA ERG to network and connect with others at Luxottica outside of my brand. I became a member of the group at its inception back in 2012. This past December, I was elected as the President of the group. I decided to join the leadership team to help make an impact both to the ERG, as well as to the Luxottica community.

Brown: I joined the [Women of Vision] ERG to network with people outside of my general team at Luxottica Retail.

Pant: [I am] primarily involved in two ERG’s: AERG and the WOV. Additionally, I also attend events that interest me within other ERG’s. I have three motivations for participating in the ERG’s: networking internally and externally, professional development resources, and an opportunity to bond / have fun with people at work.

Thompson: When I first joined Luxottica, I was approached by previous leadership to get involved and join the team. I saw no better way to be a part of the culture and engaged with the people I worked with.

Chiaruttini: I joined the ERG teams because it was a perfect opportunity as a new employee to network and meet other people with similar interests within Luxottica. I joined the leadership team because I wanted to do more than being a member within the team and it has helped me have connections with so many different people I wouldn’t have had normally.

How has your involvement in the ERGs impacted you personally and professionally?

Wible: Joining the LGBTA ERG has impacted me, both personally and professionally. I’ve made some great friends as a result of being a part of the group, and made some business connections that have helped me be better at my role with Sunglass Hut.

Brown: I think the ERG’s have helped me hone in on my leadership skills as well as provided a wonderful network of colleagues some of which are now friends.

Pant: Professionally, taking a leadership role within an ERG has helped me become more organized and develop qualities that will help me lead in the future. In addition to this, I know a lot more people as a result of being a part of ERG’s and can reach out to them if they have subject matter expertise. Personally, events such as the speaker series – have provided me with motivation to work hard and be focused in life.

Thompson: Being a member of the ERG has increased my ability to reach out to other employees that I would never normally connect with in my everyday work life. Also, it has increased my ability to advance my skills in project management, public speaking, community engagement, and team building.

Chiaruttini: The ERG meetings are great in the sense that they often have certain messages you can apply to your professional and personal life. Professionally, it has helped me have a broader network within the overall Luxottica organization, which has been very helpful to me as an EyeMed employee. It has created a sense of awareness in knowing what’s going on outside of EyeMed.

What kind of skills have you learned by being involved in ERGs? How have they helped you in your profession?

Wible: One skill that I’ve learned by being a member of the group is how to draft a business case for Luxottica leadership. Luxottica was one of the presenting sponsors of the 2015 Cincinnati Pride Parade and Festival. Before that could happen, the ERG needed to show that there was a business implication for our sponsorship. We drafted the business case, and then presented it to senior leadership. Not only did I have the chance to connect with senior leaders, I gained more confidence in working with senior leaders in a business setting.

Brown: I would say that leading an ERG has certainly helped me learn how to develop other leaders while helping me personally become a better project manager at juggling multiple task.

Pant: Communication & leadership are the two most important skills that I have developed as a result of being a part of the ERG’s. So far, they have had a huge impact in the way that I conduct myself at work, as well as outside work.

Thompson: I believe that the ERGs are an additional way for all employees to engage themselves into the Luxottica culture, as well as have a creative outlet to develop themselves outside of the normal day in and day out process.

Chiaruttini: Project Management and leadership skills

ERGs are a great way to expand your knowledge, get some key networking opportunities and foster work relationships that last a lifetime!

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