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Networking & Mentorship: The Intern Perspective

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We paired our summer interns with seasoned professionals in their fields to cultivate their knowledge, potential and growth.

These partnerships are not only beneficial to our interns as they build and develop their own career paths, but are also rewarding and fun for their mentors who remember what their first days at Luxottica meant to them. Bob, Bianca, Pat and Dom give us some details about their mentorship experience.

Pat Carlotti, Asset Protection Intern

Pat Carlotti, Asset Protection Intern

So far, my favorite memory of this internship has been going to the Cincinnati Zoo for the company picnic. We went to every exhibit in the whole park and I was blown away. It was incredible!

My mentor is Bill DiGrezio. He told me that the best thing I could do for this internship was to connect with as many people as possible because people from all over the world visit this office. There are also many other Luxottica offices that I could be working at around the world. The mentoring program has given me my first contact within the organization; someone that I can reach out to for any assistance to help me develop as a business professional.

Dom Barratta, IT Intern

Dom Barratta, IT Intern

My mentor is Josh Kataoka. Like many people I’ve met here, he is genuinely interested in helping me in my career and my learning endeavors. The mentorship program is a great way to observe someone working in your field of interest, but in another sector of the company.

The coolest thing I have learned about so far is the OneSight program. I had no idea that it existed, as people don’t generally think about the charitable side of a retail company. The culture is very friendly, slightly laid back and family oriented which is comfortable to me as I come from an Italian family. People are intent on getting their job done well, and are actually willing to have fun in the process!


Bob Gelabert, Real Estate Intern

My mentor Collette Alcott currently works in LensCrafters Human Resources. We connected right away and got off to a great conversation. The biggest thing I took away from our meeting was some simple advice about career networking and persistence. It’s awesome that Luxottica actively brings interns and mentors together. I can tell the relationship will be a vital part of my experience and hope it extends beyond 10 weeks!

As a whole, the Luxottica internship program has already exceeded my expectations. What I didn’t foresee was the investment that the company has put into its internship program, in terms of time, effort, and funds. In the first week at Sunglass Hut alone, we had a coffee social, team fitness competition, and two separate parties! What I’ve really come to appreciate is the open and collaborative culture of the corporation – I’ve received help and guidance from many associates outside of my team.

Bianca Misiti, Real Estate Intern

Bianca Misiti, Real Estate Intern

In just two short weeks at Luxottica, I have already learned so much about my department and the company as a whole. I have really enjoyed working on projects that impact decisions made about our stores and learning more about the creation of our stores. As an intern, I have been given so many networking opportunities – like my mentor who is greatly invested in my growth and development both professionally and personally.

It is one thing to state that a company lives by the four characteristics of Luxottica, but I can already tell that these characteristics truly impact the work done by the associates. I am so lucky to work with a group of passionate and innovative people, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!

Mentorship is an important part of development and growth at Luxottica. We offer many opportunities to network within our organization because we believe that sharing our knowledge with others will only aid in the success of our employees and business and positively impact our local and global communities.

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