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Meet the MBA Interns

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Introducing the Luxottica MBA program interns!

Meet the MBA Interns


Avinash Gupta – EyeMed

Avinash Gupta – EyeMed

Originally from New Delhi, India, I was uber excited to venture to Cincinnati when I got this internship. My previous experience with my family business Luxury Consulting, my father’s passion for the Luxury Industry and my mom’s background with retail really convinced me that retail was the place I wanted to be. So, when I saw Luxottica on Ohio State’s Campus, it wasn’t any surprise that this was going to be a dream internship to get. I am excited to meet the wonderful people here while experiencing the super awesome Lux culture!

The orientation, just like the entire recruiting process was well organized for us. It firmly introduced us to the company, culture, policies and most importantly the campus! Josh was a superb guide during the recruiting period and I am hoping to establish similar relationships with other people!


Luis Pedro Sanroman Gonzalez - Strategy

Luis Pedro Sanroman Gonzalez – Strategy

I was born in the Mexican city of Guadalajara and after finishing my undergrad and working in Deloitte Consulting, I am now a 1st year MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth.

I decided to work for Luxottica because I am really interested in how a vertically integrated organization works and levers its advantages. Also, I was attracted to the opportunity to work in a strategy role that would allow me to do consulting work while gaining expertise in a specific company. I am looking forward to learn about how all the different parts of Luxottica interact to remain as the leading eyewear company in the world.


Jarbas Santos Pinheiro, Sears Optical

Jarbas Santos Pinheiro, Sears Optical

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I have moved and lived in 8 different cities over 3 different countries. Coming from such a multicultural background, I have learned to appreciate diversity and embrace change, and I loved to feel how aligned these values are with the ‘way things are done’ in the company. Jack Roddy, the HR SVP for North America, welcomed our group of MBA interns by reminding us the human meaning of networking, how important it is to genuinely care about people, and how to build credibility by combining the power of real relationships with (VERY) good work.

As I embark on my first week of this internship, I am confident I have made the right decision for a global company that cares about people and seeks constant innovation to thrive in the intersection of fashion, business, and technology. I look forward to experience the stylish and cutting-edge art of helping the world see.


Sruthi Madhavan, Pearle Vision

Sruthi Madhavan, Pearle Vision

Hailing from a southern city in India, I grew up in a family of doctors. Though I loved Computer Science Engineering and my job at Goldman Sachs, I wanted to be on the business side creating strategies, rather than implementing them. I decided to pursue an MBA at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

With Ophthalmologists as parents and passion for a strategy role, Luxottica became the obvious choice. Having worked in a financial institution, the casual atmosphere at Luxottica was a pleasant surprise. Seeing various brands and how their floors reflect their branding is an amazing experience.

I am really looking forward to visiting the local stores and coming up with new strategies for operation. It is going to be a really exciting and challenging project and I cannot wait to get started!


Varun Chaudhary – HR Operations

Varun Chaudhary – HR Operations

The support extended by Josh and team ensured that there were absolutely no issues in arriving and settling down in Cincinnati. Also, the pair of Ray-Bans and an Oakley bag made for an awesome welcome kit. At first look, Luxottica seems like a place where one can explore different, sometimes unconventional, career paths while the company seems more than willing to support and supplement the employees’ growth. This week there was a great amount of fanfare and excitement on the visit of Mr. Leonardo Del Vecchio– it clearly showed the love, affection and respect the employees here have for the company’s founder and owner.

In terms of my project, I have been given a very exciting and engaging project with the potential of impacting the business over a period of the next five years. Hopefully the weeks ahead will provide even more excitement and learning.


Amit Arora - EyeMed

Amit Arora – EyeMed

The very first key note by HR Head, Jack Roddy, injected a fresh energy into each of the MBA Interns. I realized that Luxottica is well prepared for our arrival by preparing housing, a welcome kit with gifts and a pair of Ray Bans, Lunch with senior managers and a very well-planned Agenda for the first day. It has only been a week and I already feel as an integral part of the team. Working on a real-business project with two senior managers and a director, I am contributing to business growth.

With a company full of bright and helpful associates, I eagerly look forward to my next few weeks. I am truly excited to explore the breadth of my learning and depth of my contribution. It is time to “BE HERE NOW”.

Our MBA interns are selected from an elite group of top performing students in their respective MBA programs. Our recruitment process is competitive, robust, engaging and fun – culminating in the placement of these prestigious candidates, many of which go on to perform in key roles in our organization. Learn more about our internship process, and see available career opportunities on our website,


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