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It’s summer and that means a new group of interns have arrived at Luxottica. Curious about what our interns do? Find out what Mandy, Nick and Betsy had to say about their internship so far!

Nick Bartelme, Student Media Intern for Corporate Communications

nickUnlike most internships where I would sit idly and make copies, Tim Duebber and the internal media team have had me working since the start. Don’t look for me in the rows of cubicles, because our creative services suite is tucked away on the East Side within our own editing room and studio.

The hands-on experience with which I’m involved in the internal media team filming and post-producing video content will be an invaluable tool for my professional and career development. Since day one at orientation, we as interns have felt welcome and a part of the company’s great culture. I’m excited to be involved in such a great company culture and opportunities

Betsy Emmert, Real Estate Intern

betsyI have the opportunity to work across brands and meet new people every day inside and outside of the office. The Real Estate team is dynamic, fast-paced, and always fun. From preparing for brand meetings, talking with landlords, and evaluating new spaces for our brands, there is always something new! The best part about being a part of the team is the opportunity to work with and learn from an awesome department of VPs, Directors, Assistants, and Leasing Coordinators.

What I am learning at Luxottica is incomparable to anything I have seen in the classroom or at other positions I have held. I can’t wait to see what the next ten weeks will bring and how I can contribute to my department and to the company, as a whole!

Mandy Rodriguez, Marketing Intern for EyeMed

MandyI would love to be working with a company that does something meaningful, cares about its employees, and helps provide an environment that makes me enjoy coming into work every day, so in return I fall in love with the work I am doing.

At Luxottica I have already been immersed into the company culture, whether it was through orientation, learning modules, my boss introducing me to new people or our department’s happy hour. This has really helped me get a feel for what Luxottica is all about. I am excited for this summer and the impact it is going to have on the rest of my life!

Check back for more great intern stories as our summertime adventure continues!

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