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My First Day at Work With Luxottica

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Have you been daydreaming of the moment you hear “You’re hired!” from your Luxottica recruiter?

Wonder what your new job and co-workers will be like? You’re not alone. That’s what every associate that works for Luxottica has in common. Read about other Luxotticans and their “First Day” on-the-job stories.

Alicia Baron – Recruiter

It’s hard to pinpoint the most exciting part of my first day at Luxottica. From the minute I walked through the doors of the building I knew that I was ready to call Luxottica my home.  You could feel the energy of the fashion-forward employees as they walked in, ready to start their day. When I was offered the position I was beyond excited to get started, grinning from ear to ear at the opportunity that I had been presented. I thought to myself, “How did I get so lucky?”

Before I started, I was greeted with daily emails from different members of my new team welcoming me with open arms and excitement. About a week before my start date, my manager asked me to meet him and a few of the team members for lunch. Without hesitation I went! I sat at lunch talking about mutual people we knew in the industry, the culture of Luxottica and my future with the team. As I sat there with three complete strangers taking in their witty attitudes, constant challenges with each other and ongoing laughter, I knew I was going to fit into this team and the company culture just fine.

My first day was as expected; I was greeted the minute I walked in the door by my new manager. We had a fabulous training session that gave me a small glimpse of the company and its initiatives and I enjoyed a lunch with my three new friends. After, I arrived at my desk, which was covered in streamers! I constantly think about how enthusiastic everyone was throughout my entire interviewing and on-boarding process. I’m truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing team.

Sam Paluga – Recruiting Specialist

I arrived at 7:30 a.m. – a half hour before my first day officially started. Eager and anxious to come up in the corporate world, I made sure I had my lipstick on, hair done and was dressed to the nines to make my best first impression! However, when I walked in I noticed that most of the passers-by were wearing jeans and a blouse, jeans and a button down, jeans and a sweater. Then it hit me – I got the wrong memo on the dress code! Too embarrassed to say anything, I got my badge with all the others in line and made my way up to the training rooms where I saw all the other interns missed the dress code memo too. It was then that I made a friend (that I still talk to current day) laughing at how silly we felt. Soon enough we realized we hadn’t missed the memo, we just hadn’t yet been immersed into the culture, atmosphere and amazing company yet! It was then that I made my decision that Luxottica was where I wanted to start my career.

After training, all 33 or 38 (I can’t remember) interns left with their supervisors. My supervisor took me to lunch down to the Mason-ette, where we ate lunch on the piazza with another intern and his supervisor. We got to know one another and took time to ask all our questions. It was nice to see another person had the same reservations as I, but also the same excitement. After lunch, we went up to our desks and got settled in. The friend I had made that morning was sitting next to me! The day, or summer for that matter, was panning out to be a great one. My supervisor left me with a to-do list and I got right on it; setting up my W-2, Outlook account, Ceridian account and more.  I took the day by the reigns and finished at 5 p.m. with a smile, ready to come back the next day.

Anne-Marie Parleteanu – Associate Relations Specialist

Before transferring into my Associate Relations role, I was an intern in LensCrafters Human Resources over the summer of 2014. It was my first internship so I was both excited and anxious to begin. My first few days mostly consisted of meeting the people I’d be working with, some administrative tasks and familiarizing myself with our systems and the projects I would be working on. I touched bases many times with my new co-workers to learn more about what they do and how they support my team.

I’ll never forget the first meeting I had with Collette Clemens, VP of LensCrafters HR. I asked her what skill I should be cultivating the most that summer and her answer really surprised and delighted me. She told me that the most important skill I should be working on was curiosity! That was the moment in which I knew that I had found a great fit for a career with Luxottica. Growing up, my family used to say that my curiosity was both my greatest strength and weakness. In my experience, this quality was always an attribute that, if perfected, could only help me be more innovative and “connect the dots”. Curiosity served me well over the summer as it pushed me to reach out to different teams and assist on a variety of projects. In doing so, I was able to get the most out of my internship and network with more people around the building. As soon as the opportunity opened up to stay full time I definitely jumped for it and am grateful to still be learning and growing with Luxottica!

Sashi Nishizu – Sourcer

My first day at Luxottica was packed with new knowledge and adventure. From the moment I walked in, feeling like a kid on the first day of school, I was met and welcomed by my supervisor who made me felt at home instantly.

During orientation, I met with various individuals from different walks of life, all contributing something unique, joining on the same adventure I was about to experience at Luxottica.  When I finally got to meet my team during lunch, I was met with an immediate warm reception and positive energy. I am truly honored and excited to start my next chapter with the Luxottica family!


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