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Memorable Interview Moments

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The interview process can be frightening! Between nerves, anticipation and several rounds of questions it can be hard to keep your cool and not stress out!

Don’t worry; everybody handles the pressures of the interview process differently. Luxottica Associates share their most memorable first interview moments.


Tricia Nenni, Luxottica Recruiter

Tricia Nenni, Luxottica Recruiter

My very first job interview was straight out of a movie scene. I was escorted to a waiting room with five or six other interviewees. We all just waited awkwardly, looking at each other, sizing up the competition. When my name was called, I went into a smaller room for a 20-minute interview and left by a different door. Mass interviewing at its best!

Naturally, I assumed that it was me against everyone else for my position and didn’t even realize that they were interviewing for multiple roles! After two weeks, the decision came by mail (yes, snail mail!) with my offer and the details for my first day. There were 12 new hires total but only three in my department. Then came the weeding-out process: one week of intense classroom training then three weeks of on the job training (everything you ever wanted to know about making steel) then there was a huge test – sorry, Certification on day 30. Only two of us passed and were promoted with a pay increase.  It was the most nerve-racking month of my life!


Sam Paluga, Recruiting Specialist

Tricia Nenni, Luxottica Recruiter

My first interview for the Luxottica Summer Internship Program went far beyond my expectations. I interviewed with Judy Fimiani on the campus of University of Cincinnati. Even though I was a current Luxottica employee at a LensCrafters store in the Kenwood Mall, I remember feeling so nervous; but once I sat down with Judy – it was like my fears went away. She made me feel so comfortable by talking to me as an equal and really caring about what I had to say. From my campus interview to my onsite interview, all five women I interviewed with made me feel that same way, they made me feel so comfortable. Heck, we were even laughing and joking in some of the interviews!

The one lesson I took away is that, interviewing here at Luxottica is more like a get-to-know you session. Over all, my interviewers genuinely cared about me as a person, and finding out where I, as an interviewee would flourish the best within the Luxottica brand! I may be biased but in my opinion Luxottica is such a great company to work for!


Anne-Marie Parleteanu, Associate Relations Specialist

Tricia Nenni, Luxottica Recruiter

Nearing the end of my interview, when it came time for me to ask questions, I asked the manager what she thought the company’s greatest asset was. I always ask this particular question to see if the interviewer will incorporate something about the people in their answer. If they do not, that can be a red flag for me because no matter how good of a product or service you have, it cannot get where it needs to be without the people working hard on the back end to make it happen.

Sure enough, she thought about it for a second and then replied with, “Well, I’d say our people are the company’s greatest asset.” Everything about the interview process from beginning to end went very well which was a great first impression!

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