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Home Away From Home: Relocating to Work for Luxottica

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Have you ever considered relocating for a new job opportunity?

Profile PicIt’s now a common practice as ambitious job seekers look for opportunities beyond what their hometown can offer. As a global company and industry leader, positions at Luxottica are highly sought out and candidates often make cross-country moves to take advantage of the chance to join our team. Including our HR Field Project Supervisor, Kevin Cohen. 

I was a General Manager for a LensCrafters location in Florida before I made the move to Ohio to work in Associate Relations. It was a big culture change, but nothing that was difficult to adjust to. My girlfriend, who is now my wife, also moved with me.

Due to the fact that I lived out of town and had limited time to complete my interview process in Cincinnati, all of the interviews were set up in one day. On that same day, Luxottica informed me that a real estate agent was ready to show me around, which I did not expect. I was shocked! The real estate agent gave me great insights and information about living in the Mason area.

Within 6 months of relocating, my wife and I felt that we had adapted to the area. We knew this is where we wanted to be. Luxottica was very supportive in letting me take the time to get everything moved. There wasn’t an official relocation package offered; however the transition was very easy and we had a lot of support.

It was great experience. Tricia, my recruiter, was very professional in all communications from beginning to end!

There are many important considerations to make when determining whether relocation is the choice for you and your family. Do your research, explore your options and decide whether the company is a great fit for you – a place that feels like home.

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  1. Aww, thanks Kevin! I’m thrilled that you and your wife found such a great fit here and have enjoyed the success you’ve had since your move!

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