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7 Habits to Avoid in Your First ‘Real’ Job at Luxottica (or anywhere else)

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You’ve graduated from college and been selected to work for the leader in premium fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear.  Now the real work begins.

To use your first position as a springboard for your career, try to avoid these 7 career-inhibiting practices.


1. Being Inflexible 

Take your past experience (everything you’ve done before, learned or assumed) and tuck it away in your back pocket.  Keep an open mind to new concepts, methods and behaviors.  Stay curious and seek to understand why things are done certain ways.

Ask lots of questions and speak up whenever you have an idea!


2. Sitting Back and Waiting

One key to success at Luxottica is taking initiative. If you wait to be noticed, you risk getting sidelined.  Take action to learn, meet people, and dive in to tasks.  If you find some downtime, ask to shadow a co-worker.  If you need information, go ask someone; don’t wait for someone to bring you what you need. You’ll discover that everyone around you is happy that you’re there and willing to help you succeed.  You just have to ask.


3. Avoiding People You Don’t Know

Luxottica is a relationship driven organization so developing meaningful relationships will be critical to your success.  Ask your boss for a list of key business partners and schedule meet & greets. Use the Walkabout Wednesdays to venture out from behind your desk and get to know the people working around you.  There will come a time when who you know can be the difference between success and failure on a project.


4. Not Delivering

You were selected for your potential but hired to do a job.  Make sure you understand what your deliverables are, who the intended audience is and exceed expectations at every opportunity. You’ll quickly be recognized for going above and beyond, finishing before deadlines and providing quality work.

Jack Roddy, SVP of HR, says that “if you want to be a rock star at work, you have to have a good relationship with your boss, build good relationships with your business partners and do good work.”  It’s that simple.


5. Using Technology Inappropriately

In our highly connected, gigawatt world, Luxottica embraces the power of technology to stay agile, social and relevant. However, each team uses different tools differently. Take the time to discover the common programs your peers use so communications don’t get lost in translation.  Does your boss prefer IM or text? Are you a Mac user in a world of PCs?  If you share a Visio file, can your client open it?

In addition, Luxottica has a strong social media footprint and we encourage Associates to leverage their online presence to add value to our brand.  Share that selfie with your new shades!  Tweet about our fun onsite events.  But use your best judgment when you’re tempted to search the latest cat videos.


6. Not Having Meaningful Conversations With Your Boss

Make sure you fully understand your boss’s expectations.  Where should you be in 90 days? 6 months? 1 year? Establish a cadence for updates and ask about their communication preferences.  How often do they want information?  How detailed should it be?

Be honest and realistic about your capacity threshold. Learning about the company, your position & your team will feel like drinking from a fire hose.  Let your boss know if you start feeling overwhelmed or overextended.

Own your own development!  Your career growth is dependent on one person: you. Set high personal goals and hold yourself accountable.  Schedule regular touch bases with your boss to discuss your performance and development. Seek honest feedback and adapt constructively.  Opportunities at Luxottica are limited only by your passion and potential.


7. Not Appreciating It

We love what we do and believe that what we do makes a difference.

Whether you’ve landed your dream job or started with a ‘foot in the door,’ it’s an opportunity to gain new skills, learn the business and build relationships.

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