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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Home Away From Home: Relocating to Work for Luxottica

    Have you ever considered relocating for a new job opportunity? It’s now a common practice as ambitious job seekers look for opportunities beyond what their hometown can offer. As a global company and industry leader, positions at Luxottica are highly sought … Read More

  • The Best of Both Worlds: Women In Leadership at Luxottica

    At Luxottica, women often take key leadership roles that directly impact the success of the company and play an important part of why we are an industry leader. Luxottica offers many resources and programs to support, enrich and reward talented … Read More

  • My First Day at Work With Luxottica

    Have you been daydreaming of the moment you hear “You’re hired!” from your Luxottica recruiter? Wonder what your new job and co-workers will be like? You’re not alone. That’s what every associate that works for Luxottica has in common. Read … Read More

  • 7 Habits to Avoid in Your First ‘Real’ Job at Luxottica (or anywhere else)

    You’ve graduated from college and been selected to work for the leader in premium fashion, luxury, and sports eyewear.  Now the real work begins. To use your first position as a springboard for your career, try to avoid these 7 … Read More

  • Memorable Interview Moments

    The interview process can be frightening! Between nerves, anticipation and several rounds of questions it can be hard to keep your cool and not stress out! Don’t worry; everybody handles the pressures of the interview process differently. Luxottica Associates share … Read More