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“Epic Life Experience!” A Luxottica OneSight Photo Journal

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Michael Cain, Senior Director Talent Acquisition recently volunteered at a OneSight clinic in Puebla, Mexico. He shares the story of his meaningful experience.

Luxottica OneSight Photo Journal

“I think it’s natural for people to want to help others. This has helped me learn more about our business while helping someone improve their quality of life.”

Luxottica OneSight Photo Journal

“When a prospective candidate asks: What is the culture like here? What does Luxottica value? What makes Luxottica different than other organizations? OneSight makes it a genuine conversation and not a ‘sales-pitch.’ It’s a fact-based and genuine response!”

Luxottica OneSight Photo Journal

“On a clinic you can have many roles. Mine included uniting over fifty Luxottica employees from all over the world. Seems like a fairly easy task, however, with various flight times and this many people from other countries not speaking the same language and never having met each other…then throw in a chaotic Mexico City airport, I learned it’s quite the task. My role was to change lives by helping give the gift of sight!”


“I didn’t realize how 100 people (50 employees and 50 volunteers) could impact a person’s quality of life…not just for just one moment, but from the point they put on their glasses and they saw clearly. Words on a page, the color of the sky or their family members face – watching someone see these things for the first time. The most rewarding part was to watch the young children pick out a pair of glasses and then later try them on for the first time and watch the smiles.”



Luxottica is the proud founding sponsor of OneSight, a charitable organization dedicated to providing free eye care to those in need or with limited access around the world. To this day OneSight has helped more than eight million people through the donations, support and commitment of its partners and Luxottica employees across the globe. Luxottica associates have the opportunity to volunteer their skills and expert care through participation in OneSight clinics.

Join Michael and improve lives by making an impact around the world every day. Visit to learn more about the OneSight mission and to apply for an exciting, fulfilling career with Luxottica.

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