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Tricia’s Top Tips

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Tricia’s Top Tips

Luxottica Talent Acquisition team member Tricia Nenni shares her most valuable advice for prospective job seekers on how to really make an impact during an interview.

1. Asking great questions is a fantastic way to demonstrate your curiosity, business acumen and that you did your homework. For example: “I saw on Google/ your website/social media that Luxottica [insert event/promotion etc.]. How do you expect that to impact the future of the business?” or “How will that impact this role?”


2. Consider your audience!  If you’re meeting with several levels of management, be sure to ask appropriate questions.  Specific questions about the position or daily responsibilities are most appropriate for the direct manager.  However, if you’re meeting with the Director or Vice President of the group, tailor your questions to their world.

Questions for manager:
“How would you define success in this position after six months? After one year?”
“How would you describe the dynamics of the position? Whom would I be working with?”

Questions for company Vice President:
“What is the three year plan/long term objectives for the [department in question]?” “How do you see this position/team growing over the next few years?”


3. Don’t shy away from the hard questions. This could be your only chance to represent yourself directly to the manager and you don’t want them walking away from the interview misunderstanding or not being clear on something.

Ask questions like:

“Do you have any reservations about me moving forward in the process?”

“How well do you think my experiences match what you’re looking for?”


4. Follow the Golden Rules.

No “selfish” questions. Don’t ask about money, PTO, flexible work schedules, etc. These are all conversations you should have with your recruiter.

Stay Positive. Don’t ask many negative questions. Questions like “What is the biggest challenge/area of improvement?”  “What do you like least?” and “What would you change?” should be avoided.

Be assumptive. Mentally picture yourself in the position and ask questions in the first person. “In this role, I would be responsible for [managing outside vendors]. Would I also be [negotiating contracts and managing quality]?”


Follow these great tips to make a lasting impression during your next interview. To learn more about the application process, improving interviewing skills and Luxottica news, “like” us on Facebook and visit our website www.Luxottica.Jobs.


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