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Third Culture: A Luxottica and UC DAAP Collaboration

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In the first ever Luxottica Collaborative Studio competition, 32 University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning students formed six teams to develop a new line of trendy eyewear that would appeal to their own generation.

Third Culture: A Luxottica and UC DAAP Collaboration

By merging ethnic influences and travel, life experiences and personal growth, the students on team Third Culture were able to develop a product line featuring rich colors, unique shapes and a style that spoke to the targeted segment. Now, the Third Culture line is exclusively available at LensCrafters.

The students on team Third Culture worked together with mentors at Luxottica to develop each aspect of the product line from aesthetics to brand conceptualization, taking inspiration from New Zealand’s culture and ethnic traditions. The result: a stylish, color-rich, textured collection with unique lines, earthy tones and multi-layered backstory that has already made a splash during its initial launch.

It takes a team to be an industry leader and Luxottica is always on the look out for talented young professionals with creative ideas. An internship with Luxottica is a dynamic, immersive experience where you can make an impact as soon as you walk through the door. Positions are available in multiple fields.

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