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Information Technology careers for those programmed to think big

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Imagine having your finger on the very pulse of Luxottica’s vast North American business.

Our Information Technology department is as extensive and complex as our business. We keep Luxottica connected to each other, to our about 5,000 retail stores in North America, and to our global partners in Milan and abroad. IT roles aren’t just black and white anymore; we’re a colorful, fun and innovative bunch with varied responsibilities that create solutions for our business and brands.

Information Technology careers with Luxottica are more than technology, though. It’s about finding ways to deliver results, creating meaningful relationships and understanding business needs. We partner with our brands to develop and implement scalable and sustainable systems and solutions inspired by innovation and rooted in a deep understanding of the business. Many of the employees in our IT department have diverse backgrounds and skills that create opportunities for others to learn and borrow from, enabling growth and development.

A career in Information Technology requires a unique skill set. Technical mastery is a must, but to be successful with our customers, agility and flexibility is key. If you have the ability to handle ambiguity and change, lead/foster innovation and implement decisions in quick fashion, check out our IT careers today!

  • Senior Business Systems Analyst: If you have what it takes to define, develop and deliver IT and brand/business technology solutions, this is the perfect career for you.
  • Security Analyst: Do you consider yourself a gatekeeper of important knowledge? If you can be that gatekeeper and regulate access to systems and data that support a secure cyberspace, we’re ready for you to join the team.
  • Network Administrator: Configuration and installation of network equipment and connectivity is not a problem for our network administrators. We’re looking for someone who not only monitors network status, but who also stays current on industry trends and can offer innovative solutions and build our network infrastructure.

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