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Tips for internship interviews

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Spring semester is in full swing and now is the perfect time to start preparing for the internship process.

Walking around campus, you may notice an increase in job opportunities, career fairs and internship interviews. It’s never too early to prepare for an internship (especially if it leads to your dream job), so we compiled a few of our best tips to prepare for a successful interview.


A little resume TLC goes a long way

Take the time to customize your resume for each interview. Be sure to modify your objective or mission statement on each resume (and your cover letter) to align with the job/internship description. When saving your resume, be sure you save the document with your name as the title.

Set the stage with a great first impression

The interview is your chance to shine and is your biggest opportunity to sell yourself, so be punctual, confident and listen. Nonverbal behavior can help establish good rapport just as much as what you say can. Dress to impress and be well groomed–style your hair, clean up your manicure and brighten that smile.

Show off your skills and work

Highlight your skills, accomplishments, relevant awards and previous internship or work experience. Explain how your transferable skills, things like strong communication or organization skills and problem solving, will benefit the company. Don’t simply read off your resume to the interviewer, show a bit of personality. Create a portfolio ahead of the interview and fill it with your best work (and get tips on how to do it here)!

Prepare for common but tricky questions

It can be hard to talk about yourself or pinpoint a specific situation in which you handled a difficult conflict, so prepare ahead of time. Keep an example on hand of when you had a clear resolution to a problematic situation. Be ready to sell yourself while remaining confident and poised. Be honest and informative when asked to explain your strengths and weaknesses, but focus more on your strengths to remain positive.

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