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Meet Josh: Campus Recruiter

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sunglasses pictureAfter spending some time with the Talent Acquisition group, Josh transferred his skills to a role where he’d have direct contact with MBA students. Josh has assisted in growing the program and focused on bringing in top talent. We spent some time getting to know Josh and how he gets to know the bright, hardworking students he meets while on the campus.

Tell us about your role at Luxottica, and more specifically, how you got into campus recruiting?

Although my role with the Talent Acquisition group involved managing the analytics of the group, I was excited to hear our organization was placing an emphasis on MBA talent. After expressing an interest in the area, I had the opportunity to be involved. Fast forward a few months later, and I found myself building out the program. It has been a fantastic experience getting to work with numerous business partners, my fellow Talent Acquisition teammates, as well as our partners at each campus. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the students and learning about their previous experiences.

What campuses did you visit this fall?

I visited Ohio State University, University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT and Babson College. I will be visiting MIT, Babson College, Boston University and University of Chicago during our internship interview sessions in January and February.

 What qualities do you look for when interviewing MBA students?

We really look for qualities that exemplify our organizational characteristics (i.e., simple & fast, passionate, imaginative, entrepreneurial). I also look for someone who has demonstrated great learning agility in the past, and someone who can succeed in an ambiguous environment. From a business acumen perspective, we really look for someone who can demonstrate an understanding of the full scope of a business issue. We really look for how someone approaches an issue – from the questions they ask, to how they break the issue into separate pieces, to how they formulate their recommendation. We want to ensure that the student follows a methodology that makes sense for our business.

 What opportunities does Luxottica offer to MBA students?

For MBA students, we offer a very exciting Corporate Strategy role. The role essentially serves as an internal consultant to our retail brands by developing strategies for numerous initiatives. I feel that this is a unique differentiator from other roles because you are given the opportunity to be immersed into our numerous businesses and are able to learn about all aspects of Luxottica. This type of role has become even more important for our organization because during a time when Luxottica’s current businesses are growing and when we are exploring new segments such as wearable technologies, it is important to think strategically about these endeavors.

 What do you have planned for campus recruiting in 2015?

For 2015, we are focusing on getting even more involved on campuses. This past year was spent establishing connections with the schools, but we are going to put a lot of focus on strengthening those relationships. We want to partner more with student groups so that we can really connect with the students on a more personal level. This will allow us to understand what students want from a company, and allow the students to get to know us as opposed to just another company recruiting on campus.

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