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A Trip to LinkedIn’s Talent Connect to Strengthen our Recruitment Team

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Photo by M. Cain via Twitter (@THEMichaelCain: Ready for the Keynotes to begin #Intalent with @BrieNadal @judyfimiani #TeamLuxottica #Oakley)

Members of our recruitment team recently attended LinkedIn’s annual conference, Talent Connect. It was a great event. We met a lot of people, learned quite a bit, and most importantly, strengthened our skills to make sure we’re recruiting and hiring the future leaders of #TeamLuxottica. Our Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Michael Cain, wrote about his experiences at Talent Connect and the importance of the conference.

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn…your career could suffer! It’s a tool our recruiters use daily to find talented candidates to come work for #TeamLuxottica. I recently had the privilege of attending my third LinkedIn Talent Connect conference. This annual event is hosted by LinkedIn and creates a venue for the recruiting industry…or now more eloquently referred to as “Talent Acquisition.” Representatives from companies around the world came together to share best practices and learn about new products, metrics, trends and methods for finding qualified candidates.

This was the first year that our global Talent Acquisition team came together in one venue. Luxottica had talent acquisition professionals from our global headquarters in Milan, Italy; our wholesale business in New York; our North American headquarters in Mason, Ohio; and our brand Oakley from California.


Photo by J. Fimiani via Instagram (@judyfimiani: #teamluxottica showing our colors at LinkedIn Talent Connect – why don’t you come see what you are missing?

Talent Connect gave our team insight into our recruitment methods. We learned how to better understand what day of the week, what time of the day and even which browsers job seekers use to explore job opportunities. We also learned about the keywords that appeal to job seekers.

Luxottica has one of the strongest Talent Acquisition teams in the industry because our leaders are truly focused on finding and hiring the top talent. They invest in our culture and invest in the Talent Acquisition team. Every member of #teamluxottica is an ambassador for our brand.

Our North American Talent Acquisition team strives to make an impact on people’s lives. We often hear members of our team say “changing lives” when we make an offer to a candidate and they accept. It’s true. A career at Luxottica is a game changer and our passionate Talent Acquisition specialists are determined to change lives every day!

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