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Meet MaryBeth: Campus Recruiter for Luxottica

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Meet MaryBeth: Campus Recruiter for Luxottica

By mixing her talent acquisition skills and excitement for recruitment, MaryBeth has forged a unique path in joining the Campus Recruitment team.

Our campus recruiters work hard every fall and spring traveling to campuses across the United States. In October alone, our recruitment team logged more than 11,000 miles to interview students, take in enlightening presentations and meet the next generation of Luxottica employees. MaryBeth plays a key role on our campus recruitment team, where she not only finds top talent to join Team Luxottica, but also shares her excitement and dedication with students and prospective team members. We sat down and had a chat with MaryBeth.

Tell us about your role at Luxottica, and more specifically, how you got into campus recruiting.

My role as a Campus Recruiter is to build relationships with our core universities and recruit great talent to be the next leaders of Luxottica! I absolutely love my job!

I joined the Talent Acquisition team about two years ago as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. My primary job was to coordinate interviews and the onboarding process for new employees. Throughout this time, I partnered with our Campus Recruiting team on several different initiatives and really developed a passion toward the program. I was beyond thrilled when a campus recruiting opportunity opened up a few months ago and I was promoted into the position.

What qualities do you look for when interviewing students?

I look for students who push themselves beyond their comfort level to learn something new, demonstrate awareness for cultures other than their own and help guide the way for others. This can be shown through academic achievements, communication skills and leadership.

Passion and excitement are always a plus too! One of my favorite things about campus recruiting is the energy that the students bring.

What are the most common red flags you see when talking to students at an event or on campus?

Being underprepared and poorly articulating what’s on their resume. My advice–research the companies you plan to connect with ahead of time, and be proud of your strengths and accomplishments! You only have a few minutes to make a memorable first impression, so make it count.

How many student internships are you planning to offer in 2015 and in what fields?

We’re planning to offer around 35 internships for Summer 2015 in the following fields: accounting, communications, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, operations, planning, product buying and real estate.

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