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Luxottica’s October in review

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Luxottica’s October in review

Life at Luxottica moves at a breakneck speed. It can be easy to get caught up in all the fun activities, the campus visits and meeting new members of Team Luxottica.

October saw our campus recruitment team add more miles to their travel log and we celebrated World Sight Day on October 9th to assist OneSight programs and their mission to overcome the global vision crisis. Here’s the quick version of everything we did in October!

Campus recruitment asks students to “See What You’re Missing”

With several trips to colleges including MIT, Ohio State University, Boston University and more, our campus recruitment team traveled over 11,000 miles and met several bright undergrad and MBA students. The team attended intern group presentations, spoke with students at networking events and held interviews.

ROMBA took us to The City by the Bay

ROMBA, the Reaching Out MBA conference, is held yearly to educate and inspire students about the opportunities available to LGBT MBA students and business leaders. This year’s conference was held in beautiful San Francisco and the Luxottica booth was nearly as breathtaking as the Golden Gate Bridge!

OneSight showed the world #thewayweseeit

We celebrated World Sight Day with OneSight on October 9th to increase awareness of the global vision crisis. The hashtag and tagline #thewayweseeit was used across various social media networks by athletes, celebrities and Luxottica employees to generate conversation and educate people on supporting OneSight’s mission. Many Luxottica employees participated in raising awareness by going blindfolded for an hour to experience what life is like for those without adequate vision care. Check out their blindfolded experiences on the blog.

While you celebrated Oktoberfest, we celebrated at the Unkraut Festival

Kurt Unkraut, Director of Luxottica’s Service Center, hosted another Unkraut Festival for his associates in the Service Center. Kurt serves up good old-fashioned German food and Cincinnati favorites like Skyline Chili and goetta as a thanks to his team for fielding the approximately 1.8 million customer inquiries during the busy back to school season. “Associates love the festive atmosphere and having time to relax with their teammates, but they especially love that it’s my turn to serve them,” Kurt said.  “And, I love doing it!”

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