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Interning at EyeMed is Super!

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A Luxottica internship is like no other.
You might even say it’s pretty super.

Interning at EyeMed is Super!

Just ask Robyn Campbell and Gabi Schneider, two students hired as summer interns with EyeMed’s Marketing and Communications team. They did a lot more than fetch coffee or do the work no one else wanted to do.

Like all of Luxottica, supervising manager Holly Ingram sought to give Robyn and Gabi rich work experiences by assigning a variety of projects, in addition to day-to-day support. “It’s a win-win for us and them,” Holly, the Senior Manager of Communications, said. “Our interns bring amazing and inspiring new energy with them. We get so many unique insights from the students, and looking to the future, they’re a great source of talent for Luxottica and EyeMed after graduation.”

“Interning at Luxottica was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” Robyn said. “I learned to apply my skills in real-time to projects that matter. It was a blast working within EyeMed. I highly recommend the intern program.”

Robyn and Gabi had the opportunity to research topics and services that informed 2015 planning, assist with key trade shows, develop content for social media and internal communications, manage projects with agencies and even learn the ins and outs of financial processes.

“The entire experience has been a 360-degree look at what it means to be a marketing and communications professional in a large organization,” Gabi said. “It’s been invaluable to me to receive this kind of experience early in my career.”

By the end of the summer, it seemed Gabi and Robyn could do just about anything—maybe even leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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