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Meet Alex: He Used Technology to Streamline Operations and Eliminate Waste

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Innovation drives business and Alex Hartman, Sunglass Hut Operations Systems’ Senior Manager, recently led the brand’s transition from Blackberrys to iPhones and iPads.

Luxottica Awards
The move paid impressive dividends, saving Field Managers an estimated 12,000 hours annually and reducing paper copies by 90%. This impressive feat earned Alex the 2014 Luxottica Entrepreneurial Characteristic Award.

Describe the feeling of winning an award in front of all your colleagues?

It was extremely rewarding to be recognized not only by Sunglass Hut, but also by all of Luxottica. It just shows that if you have passion and dedication for what you do you can make a difference across not just your brand, but globally.

Why are the Luxottica Characteristics so important to you, especially the one you were recognized for?

The Luxottica Characteristics allow me to focus my attention on ways to improve our stores and the customer experience. They give me a lens in which to view everything I do and ask myself if I am displaying our ideals in this project. I am very process oriented and like to do things by the book, but when the process has an opportunity to change, I love to step up and drive that change. That is why being Entrepreneurial is important to me.

The people! My colleagues at Sunglass Hut are so fun and inspiring to work with, and over the past couple years I have seen the passion that our shared services team has for our brands and stores. The sense of family spans across the building, not just within each brand!

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