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Meet Laurie Cyrus

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Laurie Cyrus, an administrative assistant at EyeMed recently onboarded two-thirds of the EyeMed Marketing and Communications team and 50% of the Strategy & Innovation team.

This impressive feat required her to engage the hearts and minds of others with a can-do attitude and willingness to help. Simply put, Laurie rocks and is passionate about EyeMed and Luxottica, which is why she won the 2014 Luxottica Passionate Characteristic Award. We talked to Laurie about the award.

Laurie Cyrus - EyeMed Award

Describe the feeling of winning an award in front of all your colleagues and the CEO of Luxottica?

I didn’t realize a human being could go through what felt like 500 emotions in a five-second timespan! First I was shocked that I had won, then I was excited to represent all Administrative Assistants for the “Passionate” award. Then I turned sad because EyeMed and the world lost a beautiful and talented Administrative Assistant way too soon on 7/13, and she wasn’t there to share this with me. Finally, I was very honored and humbled to be presented the award on stage in front of everyone, including our CEO.

I tell people Administrative Assistants can be compared to a scene from the The Wizard of Oz.  We want our bosses to shine like the Great and Powerful Oz, and we don’t want anyone to worry about the person behind the curtain – that’s just the Administrative Assistant making everything happen!  It feels amazing to be recognized, yet very humbling.

Why are the Luxottica Characteristics so important to you, especially the one you were recognized for?

My favorite of our characteristics is “Passionate” because I feel passion drives the other three of our characteristics. When someone lacks passion, especially in the work place, then your job is literally just that—a job.  An Administrative Assistant is a helper and a giver by nature, and you must have passion in this job to be successful. I have been blessed with the best boss and amazing co-workers, so they make my job easy and make it fulfilling to come to work every day.

What is your favorite part about working for Luxottica?

My favorite part about working for Luxottica, besides the amazing anniversary certificate to get a free pair of glasses every year of course, would be the people and the feeling of family.

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