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Meet Karen. She’s Simple & Fast and a Luxottica Superstar

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Karen Jedding, a Senior Manager in Human Resources at Luxottica for Target Optical has an uncanny ability to drive the complexity out of complex projects.

Karen Jedding

She recently helped change the way Target Optical recruits and hires store associates and field leaders, eliminating bureaucracy through collaboration.

Her leadership has transformed recruiting and hiring behaviors for the brand, which is why she won the 2014 Luxottica Simple & Fast Characteristic Award. Karen also is an amazing singer and shortly after winning this award she sang the National Anthem at a Cincinnati Reds game. Karen truly is a Luxottica superstar.

Describe the feeling of winning an award in front of all your colleagues and the CEO of Luxottica?

I don’t consider myself special or extraordinary, I’m just lucky enough to have an awesome leader that recognizes effort and dedication. I thought it was a great honor to be nominated, let alone win!  The award really goes to a great project team made up of Brand Peers, Shared Services Partners and of course, my Target Optical Family!

Why are the Luxottica Characteristics important to you, especially the one you were recognized for?

The Characteristics remind me to Lead On Purpose! I keep the award on my desk where I can touch it. It reminds me that I need to always lead by example and that I don’t ever want to be a “one hit wonder!”

I’ve been on a mission to learn to simplify the process by surrounding myself with collaborative experts, and I did just that! Simple & Fast is a humbling characteristic, and I learned that I can’t do it all on my own! I truly enjoyed the process and the end result was certainly worth the growing pains.

People are my favorite part of Luxottica. There’s no doubt that Luxottica is the best in the industry, and the key to that success is its people.

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