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Get to Know Collette Clemens

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Meet Collette. Collette joined our team early in 2013 as our vice president of human resources for LensCrafters North America.From the beginning, she took the initiative to drive the transformation of LensCrafters. Her eye for organizational excellence and genuine concern for each coworker makes her an excellent member of our human resources team.


Why do you love working at Luxottica?

I love being part of a global business with multiple brands. Luxottica is steeped in a robust heritage of artisanship and strives to help people see and look their best.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I enjoy most is positively impacting our people, which is a process that translates to our customers and our results. I’ve also appreciated experiencing LensCrafters’ transformation. During my time at Luxottica I’ve seen LensCrafters gain momentum and become the destination for people who want to work for an excellent eyecare provider with amazing brands.

What’s been your most rewarding moment at Luxottica and why?

We recently surveyed our associates to hear their thoughts on working at LensCrafters. One statement read, “If I have my own way, I will be working for LensCrafters 12 months from now.” It was exciting for me to review the results for this section, because I learned that employee engagement and satisfaction has largely increased since last year!

Having fun at Luxottica's Summit!

Having fun at Luxottica’s Summit!

What are your main responsibilities as the vice president of human resources for LensCrafters North America?

I lead an amazing team of people across North America in human resources and learning & leadership development that aligns our people initiatives with our business initiatives. Through my role, I get to care for more than 13,000 associates each and every day.

Why are you a good fit for Luxottica?

I’m scrappy, creative and love to build collaborative relationships with others. Plus, I believe that there is always some common ground you can find with others to move forward.

My team at LensCrafters

My team at LensCrafters

Please share a story that is a good example of why you love your job.

My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on my coworkers and their careers. I try to keep that thought top of mind each time I connect with someone. Through even the smallest actions, I can help someone have a better moment in their day.

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