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Top Five Resume Tips from Luxottica Recruiters

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Job candidates always reach out to us wanting to know how they can make their application stand out. Our response? Through your resume! We review hundreds of resumes a day, and have an exact idea of what we’re looking for during our six-second scan. Read on to find out what, exactly, you need to think about when writing your resume.

Absolutely no typos. We can’t stress this enough. Always review your application before submitting, then take a break and review it again. In fact, grab a grammar-savvy friend and have them check it over. You can never look over your resume too many times.

Include accomplishments, not job descriptions. We can usually figure out what your responsibilities were at past jobs based on the job titles. That’s why we don’t want to read about what you did—we want to discover what you accomplished. Use your resume as an opportunity to convince us you are the best person for a career by providing compelling details.

Be strategic about what you include. Resist the urge to include every thing you have ever done, hoping that one accomplishment or position will catch our attention. Instead, only incorporate information and jobs that are aligned with the position you’re interested in. This focus will help you to build a convincing career narrative.

Use digits. Resumes contain a lot of information, some of which can get lost when a recruiter only has a limited amount of time to review qualifications. Highlight your experience by using digits instead of writing out numbers. Digits help us to spot the information we’re looking for and understand the complexities and pace of your current job.

Follow the two-thirds rule. When formatting your resume, keep in mind that it’s easiest for us to scan the top two-thirds. Keep your header condensed, margins narrow and spaces at a minimum to optimize the information you want on display. With this in mind, include your experience and accomplishments that are most relevant to the position you want at the very top of the document.

We’ve shared our thoughts, now we want to hear yours: what are your questions about our application process?

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