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How to Get a Job in eCommerce

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The eCommerce industry is booming as more and more consumers are transitioning online for their shopping needs. A strong, growing profession, eCommerce offers careers that appeal to many different people, from entrepreneurs to marketers. We sat down with Farheen Kamran, a senior recruiter for eCommerce at Luxottica to find out what it takes to break into the industry. Here’s what we learned.

Previous retail experience is key.
For both lower-level and higher-level positions, Farheen considers an applicant’s experience in the retail industry. By working in retail, candidates can learn how to connect to consumers and recognize common trends. Retail experience also allows you to better identify what types of shopping experiences consumers want and explore how to translate these experiences into a digital space.

Connect to people in the industry.
Networking with professionals in eCommerce is necessary to understanding the nuances of the industry. Use your connections to reach out to eCommerce professionals on LinkedIn and discover eCommerce groups on LinkedIn to join. By politely explaining your interest and requesting advice, you can gain additional information on what makes a strong candidate and how to prepare for a successful eCommerce career. Do your research, because the best person to teach you about eCommerce is the one currently at the job you want.

Go online.
If you don’t have previous experience in eCommerce or possess an eCommerce or eBusiness degree, you can still demonstrate your aptitude for the industry by building an online presence. Put your energy into maintaining a blog or small online retail shop. Starting a website will help you to identify what motivates people to visit websites. A web presence will expose you to the various skills required for maintaining a successful eCommerce site, including writing, design, marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and, most importantly, how to create a user-friendly interface.

Learn the industry.
Online tutorials and classes are available and provide information about the front-end or back-end of an online store. Virtual Training Company offers an Introduction to eCommerce course that covers the fundamentals of analyzing, designing and building an eCommerce website. Ecommerce University has free eBooks and videos to teach you about selling online. Through these classes, you will learn how to think about the whole customer experience and what it takes to successfully transition into this growing industry.


Want to learn more about eCommerce opportunities at Luxottica? Reach out to Farheen on LinkedIn!

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