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Earth Day, Every Day

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Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.08.49 AMToday is Earth Day, and we’re taking our usual earth-aware office habits to a whole new level to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste. We’re always looking for ways to save energy around our North American headquarters. In fact, ENERGY STAR recognized our energy-saving efforts last year with an energy rating of 92!

Our associates are taking small actions to make a big difference for our environment. Here’s how we’re honoring Earth Day:

• We’re taking our printers offline. Through smart technology, we’re reducing paper and toner waste by bringing laptops, tablets and mobile devices to meetings as well as sharing files electronically. We are saving $1,305 in paper and toner in a single day by avoiding the printer.

• We’re being bright about electricity use. Our departments have decided as a team to turn off the lights in their area for either part of the day or the whole workday.

• We’ve mastered the art of refilling. From water bottles to coffee mugs, we try to save valuable resources on a daily basis by using reusable drinking cups. Today, we plan to encourage Luxottica visitors to take part in our refilling mission, as well!

• We’re teaming up for transportation. An easy way to reduce CO2 emissions is by carpooling during your daily commute. That’s why we reached out to associates who live close to one another and encouraged them to plan carpools for Earth Day.

• We’re flexing our green thumb. We are now in the season of gardening, and the Luxottica organic garden is up and running! Today, our garden volunteers are giving tours during lunch and working to prepare the garden for summer.

We’re happy to support each associate as he or she takes the time to honor Earth Day throughout the workday. Are you participating in any environmentally focused activities today? Let us know in the comments!

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