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LUX-THURS2-3120Meet Molly. To her team, Molly—an assistant buyer for Sears Optical—is known as “hearts and sunshine,” but she’s also a seriously confident dancing queen who is ambitious about developing the Sears Optical brand. If Molly’s easy-going demeanor doesn’t convince you to join Sears Optical, her team’s thoughtful way of celebrating her birthday with a week’s worth of festivities will.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Luxottica?
My first big project when I started with Sears Optical was our EYEDENTITY guide, so I was so proud the day it was published and sent to stores last year. It has continued to evolve since then, and by working on it I can express my right brain creativity when I am knee-deep in reporting!

Why do you love working at Luxottica?
Luxottica offers many opportunities within the company to grow and learn by working with each brand and/or department. I’m lucky to have worked on LensCrafters and Sears Optical, and received unique experiences from each brand. Sears Optical has unbelievable energy and our journey to evolve our brand has been incredible. Everyone on the team gives their best every day to make sure we have a successful year with many more to come!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I enjoy the people on my team the most. We always manage to laugh or smile even if it’s been an extremely long and stressful day. My team calls me “hearts and sunshine” because I always try to keep an upbeat attitude no matter what we are working to accomplish. My mom thinks this nickname is especially hilarious, as she had to go through my teenage years with me…

What are your main responsibilities as an assistant buyer?Dec 2013 108
My main responsibilities are to help my senior buyer with all men’s and kid’s product matters. I support the team in product setup for assortment selections, own the quality assurance for all of my categories, and run analysis reports for the buying team. I am also the lead on the quarterly product knowledge guide, otherwise known as EYEDENTITY.

Why are you a good fit for Luxottica?
I am extremely PASSIONATE about what we do here every day! I am the kind of person that is willing to give it all for something I believe in or something my team believes in.

Dec 2013 107Why do you love your job? 
Last November, I celebrated my 25th birthday here at Luxottica. Every day that week, my manager Vanessa sent out pictures, songs and funny clips of different versions of “hearts and sunshine” to our team to celebrate. At the end of the week, my team decorated my entire cube with flowers, stars, confetti, streamers, hats and banners because they knew how much I love celebrating birthdays! It was extraordinarily heartfelt and I could tell how much they wanted me to enjoy such a big year! My coworkers went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine, and for that I want to tell them THANK YOU!


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