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Energy and Passion at the Sunglass Hut Summit

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Sunglass Hut recently held its 2014 summit in Los Angeles and invited associates from around the world to attend. Kiersten Manifold, a media producer for Luxottica, was a first-time attendee, and reflects on how the event defines the passion and spirit of Sunglass Hut’s culture.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.44.41 PMIf I had to choose one word to describe the 2014 Sunglass Hut Summit, it would be “energized.” Many people told me that the Sunglass Hut Summit is a passionate and energetic event, but experiencing and feeling the energy myself was truly a unique experience. Culture was one of the driving topics of this year’s summit, which definitely interested me as a new employee at Luxottica.

Going into the summit, I had expectations for how things were going to go and what I would see, hear and feel. And, some of those expectations were realized at this event, such as the fact that there were a lot of people from the same company gathered in a big room for a long time, and members of our leadership team presented information about what happened last year as well as what’s to come.

However, seeing store managers dancing on their chairs at 8 a.m. and hearing that 45 countries had representation at the event was unexpected. The whole experience can be summed up by what the audio guy said to me one afternoon after general session: “I can’t believe I’m playing Metallica at a corporate event.”

My favorite moment occurred during awards night. Dan Nowlin, president of Sunglass Hut Global Culture, handed out BMW keys to people who had reached a high level of achievement. The whole scene was wonderful to watch, with each person celebrating regardless of whether it was he or she or someone else who received the keys. I couldn’t see everyone in the room, but I have a pretty good feeling everyone was smiling.

There was one specific moment during this exchange that resonated with me and really illustrated our company’s culture. That moment was when Dan drew the name of a manager who had already received keys to a BMW. Without hesitation, the manager handed her keys to another manager who had not yet been chosen. She shared her win and elevated the mood of everyone in attendance with one act of kindness.

Sunglass Hut and Luxottica people love what we do and it shows. We work hard and have fun doing it. We support each other, strive to be better and inspire those who encounter us. Seeing, hearing and feeling the Sunglass Hut culture throughout that week certainly made me understand what it means to be passionate, and I’m excited to work with such an amazing group of people!


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