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Practicing Heart Health All Year Long

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1549512_569953676421959_1865340141_nDuring February, wearing red was about more than just celebrating Valentine’s Day. We donned red to partner with the Cincinnati American Heart Association to support their fight against heart disease. American Heart Month may be drawing to a close, but we believe in continuing the mission to educate women everywhere about heart health. Here’s how our associates are working to keep their hearts in the very best condition.

We’re taking breaks for exercise. Our North American headquarters has a gym where we can fit in a quick 30-minute exercise during lunch or spend an hour getting active before or after work. If we can’t make it to the gym, we’re being intentional about moving around during the day. Even five-minute walks throughout each day will help us prevent cardiovascular disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, shorter amounts of activity also offer health benefits, so we’re looking for all opportunities to be active.

We’re eating heart-healthy foods. We have access to many different types of healthy cuisine at our headquarters’ cafeteria, which makes eating healthy easy. By loading our trays up with lean proteins, salad and heart-healthy fats we’re being proactive about preventing heart disease.

We’re getting a good night’s rest. With so many exciting projects in the works, it can be hard for us to remember that restful sleep is key to a healthy heart (and a productive day!). With that in mind, we’re working on making sleep a priority by getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night—an amount that will boost heart health and prepare us for a successful workday.

What precautions do you take to maintain a healthy heart? Let us know in the comments!

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