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The Top Five Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Cincinnati

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Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.18.00 PMNot all cities are created equal. Here’s why Cincinnati, the site of our North American headquarters and a great place to live in the Midwest, should top your list of ideal cities to work and live in.

Every week is a great excuse for a festival. Love film? Cincinnati is home to a burgeoning film festival that has screened more than 1,000 films since 2010. If film isn’t your thing, don’t worry—at least one of our yearly festivals will peak your interest. Do you consider yourself kind of weird? We’ve got a festival for that. Love celebrating and learning about different cultures? From Asian Food Fest to Cincy Cinco, we’ve got the all the continents covered when it comes to celebrating international fare. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about music (and more music), beer, comedy and flowers—like we said, if you like it, we’ve got a festival for it.

The city was founded a long time before your great-great-great-great grandfather lived and has the history to prove it. Cincinnati is a great place for anyone remotely interested in history—it boasts incredible historical architecture and has one of the largest historic districts listed on the National Register of History Places. Plus, how many cities can claim they have an 11-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln overlooking their museum of art?

Our food is better than yours. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Cincinnati is only known for its chili. We’re home to some of the best chefs in America who are redefining fine dining in our city. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Italian or a pull-out-the-stops steakhouse, Cincinnati restaurants have the combination of talent and passion to satisfy the cravings of any foodie.

Our riverfront is seriously cool. The first features of Smale Riverfront Park were completed in 2012, and we already think that the new space is amazing. It has fountains, stonework, homages to our city history and features a multi-colored light show at night. Basically, the riverfront is a perfect place for anyone in Cincinnati relax and enjoy some of the best features of our city.

We ♥ our major league sports teams. We’re not ashamed to admit that we look forward to watching the Reds and Bengals. We’re dedicated to rooting them on, and consider our support as a way to support Cincinnati, too. Plus, an at-home Reds’ game is a great excuse to spend an afternoon at the Great American Ball Park.


  1. Don’t forget that Cincinnati is a great place to raise a family. From our outstanding public schools to several world-class research universities, Cincinnati has something for the academic in us all.

    • So true, Sam! Thanks for mentioning education—there really are great academic opportunities in Cincinnati, no matter your industry or age.

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