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New Year, New You

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By now, around 25% of people who made new year’s resolutions have already abandoned them. Rather than establish vague resolutions, we like to use this time of the year to re-assess our career development and establish measurable professional goals.

We asked a few Luxottica associates what professional and personal goals they plan to tackle in 2014. Here’s what they’re currently working on.

Senior Communications Manager Sarah McGee:
“I plan to partner with Luxottica’s shared services to launch a single communications platform for Pearle Vision’s licensed operators and corporate associates. Personally, I’m training to run my second 5K and looking forward to celebrating my first anniversary at Luxottica and redeeming my free eyewear certificate!”

Director of HR Communications Jessica Peck:
“I’m excited about all of the ways I can impact Luxottica this year, but one I’m really passionate about is growing the Luxottica employment brand and helping associates and the world see how wonderful Luxottica is. Cliché as it may sound, I also am working to get my fitness and eating habits back on track. I gave up caffeinated diet soda last year and want to continue the trend of making healthy choices. The best part about getting healthy is involving my kids in this journey with me.

Assistant Buyer Alexis Snell:
“I’m still new in my role, so I’m looking forward to continuing to learn, understand and grow our Sun business to better serve all of our customers. Outside of Luxottica, I’m planning my wedding this year with hopefully as little stress as possible and working towards running my first full marathon!”

Senior Financial Merchandise Planner Jessica Ziza:
“In 2014, I’m focusing on communication. Striving toward a common goal builds a sense of accountability, and communicating these goals while working to achieve them helps to keep focus. It also helps highlight successes as well as areas in need of improvement. This will help to propel our company forward beyond 2014. My personal goal this year is to overcome my fear of the ocean. I love to swim and I love beach destinations, but I have always been afraid of what lurks beneath the surface—to me, it is unpredictable. This year, I want to enjoy the water and its beauty rather than think about the possibility of being eaten!”


What do you plan to accomplish in 2014?

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